Phoney’s News Second Half November 2013

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I get to sit down every two weeks and read the news from place’s like Tom’s Hardware, Fudzilla, HardOCP, PC Perspective and many more wonderful sites, but there’s just one thing I can’t seem to remember what I read two weeks ago  not alone remembering what happen one month ago. So with this Douche Bag blog and theme I can easily post the link to the Articles, no more saying were the hell is that link or article I reading.

MSI teasing two new Gaming products mini-ITX mobo and mini-ITX GTX 780 graphics card
(Probable stick with the ASUS brand then pick MSI although is looks Good.)
ASRock Finally Brings Extreme11/ac Motherboard to Market
(Wow Extreme indefinitely Keeping a Eye on this One $600 though.)
Ballmer Realized He Was a Problem at Microsoft
(That he is or should I say was.)
New App Brings Augmented Reality HUD to Your Windshield (Watch Video)
(To bad it’s a smart Phone an ant in the windshield)
Koolance Launches a Shiny Radeon R9-290X Water Block
(Going going to need it when it’s at 95F Jesus really.)
Failing PS4 Consoles “Within Expectations,” Says Sony
(Limited to TV compatibility, not when your PC Gaming take that Douche Bag Console Fan boys!)
Air Force Plans to Arm Next-Gen Fighters with Laser Weapons
(There’s only one thing I can say for this Cool!)
Nvidia Announces CUDA 6 Unified Memory
(It maybe Software now but with Maxwell it will have some kind of hardware functionality plus with Volta’s Stacked DRAM you’ll get 1TB/s bandwidth Titan has 288GB/s bandwidth that’s just crazy.)
Rumor: Radeon R9-290X-X2 to Bring Double the Hawaii?
(I think there going to need a lot more then a water block to cool this dame thing literally, I guest they’ll underclock it and advertize with higher clock speeds like the R9 290X.)
Asus Debuts ROG MARS 760 Dual-GPU Graphics Card
(Asus said that the card can outperform the GTX Titan nice but no price I still would get two GTX 770 in SLI even though it’s a GK104 architecture.)

ASRock Unveils Motherboards Made for Bitcoin Mining | World’s Most Elaborate Bitcoin Mining Operation?
(Maximum PC wrote a good article Mining Bitcoin in there September Magazine I believe.)
Antec Intros P100 Silent PC Enclosure
(I just loved there P280 case but went with the fractal design define r2 for my server.)
Cooler Master Introduces Silencio 652 Desktop Enclosure
(Got the Haf 912 and looking forward to the HAF X next system upgrade.)
Rumor: Intel 9-Series Chipsets Won’t Feature SATA-Express
(To bad that’s three years in a row Maximum PC had this is there 2014 Tech Preview.)
Intel forced AMD to adopt Scenario Design Power (SDP) metric
(Maybe they should adopt it for there 220W 9590FX you’ll need North Pole to cool that dame thing.)
Why I Won’t Be Buying Either New Console
(Thank god that it’s not only me, and this article relieves some my stress knowing that we think the same.)
AMD gets a quick loan Again!
(That’s right again there losing more and more every year, I don’t even know how there still operating because there FX brand is dead Fusion is the Future what ever!)

3D-Printing Apps for Windows 8.1 Start to Arrive
Microsoft: Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Coming Q1 2014
After a 16-year Run, Winamp to Shut Down Next Month
Winamp Petition Emerges as Microsoft Considers Purchase
SkyDrive Could be Renamed BingDrive, FetchDrive, and NewDrive Following UK Court Ruling
Nvidia does CUDA deal with IMB
Corsair Launches Modular CS Series PSUs
MSI Announces New Full FM2+ Military Class 4 Motherboards

Raspberry Pi Pens Wolfram Partnership for Free Mathematica
WD Black2 is a 2-in-1 SSD, HDD Combo Drive
Silicon Power Intros Thunderbolt-based SSD
Intel’s Thunderbolt Ready Program Lets You Add Thunderbolt Card to Your Motherboard
Valve Beta Testing Local Game Streaming Soon
UK Star Wars Fans Hired to Build R2-D2 for New Star Wars
OUYA Console Gets Its Biggest System Update Yet
16GB OUYA in White Launched for Holidays Limited Edition