Phoney’s News Second Week December 2013

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I get to sit down every two weeks and read the news from place’s like Tom’s Hardware, Fudzilla, HardOCP, PC Perspective and many more wonderful sites, but there’s just one thing I can’t seem to remember what I read two weeks ago not alone remembering what happen one month ago. So with this Douche Bag blog and theme I can easily post the link to the Articles, no more saying were the hell is that link or article I was reading.

TSMC Begins 16nm FinFET-based 3D Chip Production
(To bad they weren’t getting ready for Nvidia’s new Maxwell with Unified Memory Architecture.)
VR-Zone Has, Well, A Haswell-E First Look 😦
(No SATA Express after all, hope it shows up in Intel’s Skylake in 2015.)
How to Install and Configure SteamOS Beta (Watch Video)
(Microsoft is saying were going to support PC gaming again, little to late for that now good luck.)
NVIDIA G-Sync Tech Preview and First Impressions
(PC Perspective has some good info about NVIDIA G-Sync Tech Preview and First Impressions.)
Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync Tech ASUS VG248QW
(Nice to see Nvidia selling the G-Sync module separately for users to upgrade their monitor on their own.)
MSI’s Radeon R9 290X TwinFrozr 4S OC Pictured
(Love how MSI say the TwinFrozr 4 cooler allows the card to run cool enough to reach the full 1.0 GHz GPU clock speed what ever! it might run at 715MhZ.)
SilverStone Lists ML06 HTPC Mini-ITX Enclosure
(Always wanted to build a small HTPC using one of SilverStone cases, but couldn’t get my head around the mount of hardware to bring the power of the media to the living room. So just went with Western Digital TV Live to steam movies from the Server to the living room and that’s the only thing it’s good for trust me.)
Death of Windows 7 OEM Sales Posted in Error 😆
(Don’t know what Microsoft’s plan is, but there’s something going on. I think there saying this because their scared people is going to buy three copy’s of Windows 7 because they know Windows 8 – 8.1 – 8.2 sucks more then they thought. Also I can’t believe there going to stop selling there operation system after one year of launch really give people time to update their computers Jesus.)

Windows XP getting slower Culprit the svchost.exe
Start Menu Could Return to Windows in Spring 2014
Microsoft Adding New Security Features to Accounts 🙄

White Water Block from EKWB for the White GTX 780 Ti HoF
Scythe Reveals Limited Edition Ashura Shadow CPU Cooler

SilverStone’s Mini-ITX Raven RVZ01 Pictured Again
Corsair’s Carbide Air 540 Now Available in White and Silver
Intel 2014 plans leaked More Tables Great!
More Kaveri A10 7850K specs and performance figures emerge
Gigabyte Z87X-UD7 TH Motherboard Has 2 Thunderbolt 2.0

AMD still working on Eyefinity and multi-GPU frame-pacing fix
VESA Announces 63% Increase in DisplayPort Certification

NVIDIA Ultimate Holiday Bundle: Get $100 Off SHIELD and 3 Free Games
MSI Makes ‘Lite Edition’ of its GTX 780 Lightning
MSI Introduces GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3G Graphics Card
EVGA officially unveils new GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition 😎
Asus Unleashes Recolorable GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II Card

AMD launches affordable R7 260
Sapphire Releases Mainstream Radeon R7 260X Graphics Card
MSI Releases Radeon R9 270X Gaming 4G Graphics Card
Gigabyte’s Radeon R9 290X WindForce Launched
Kingston Announces TCG Opal 1.0 Compliant SSDNow KC300
Zotac quietly introduces another Haswell Nettop