Phoney’s News Third Week December 2013

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I get to sit down every week or two and read the news from place’s like Tom’s Hardware, Fudzilla, HardOCP, PC Perspective and many more wonderful sites, but there’s just one thing I can’t seem to remember what I read two weeks ago not alone remembering what happen one month ago. So with this Douche Bag blog and theme I can easily post the link to the Articles, no more saying were the hell is that link or article I was reading.

Twitter May Finally Get Edit Tool
(Finally isn’t the word it’s about time.)
Genius Gaming Peripherals in White Hit the U.S.
(Never liked Genius gear but have to say there GX Gaming SW-G2.1 1250 speakers are amazing.)
Extracting computer encryption keys via sound waves.
(What will they think of next, although this is pretty cool.) 😎
Windows 8.1 Preview Users Need to Update Soon
(They should all upgrade to Windows 7 and the forget Windows 8 – 8.1 – 8.2. Microsoft can’t seem to get it right.) 😐
How the BitTorrent Chat Client Works
(We can finally share are Pirated software and Porn anonymously with other Bit Torrent users Now.)
Winamp May Not Be Doomed After All
(There was talk that Microsoft was interested in saving the services, just hope the hell they don’t buy it. Also there was talk of it going open-source something I agree with.)
Intel 9-Series Chipset to support PCIe M.2 Storage
(In an ideal world this should result in same speed that you should be getting with SATA Express.) 😛
Haswell Z97 and H97 desktop Socket 1150 Refresh
(The Z97 supports overclocking, Dynamic storage accelerator and a combination of PCIe, Plus the New PCIe M.2 Storage it’s something like SATA Express.)
Asus Radeon R9-290X Hawaii DirectCU II Detailed, Priced
(ASUS had to show everyone that this card can run at it’s default clock speed 1000 MHz. Reference design on the other hand not so great check out PC Perspective’s Review.)

How to Give a Steam Online Game for Christmas
How to Gift a Video Game from the Humble Bundle and Humble Store

Sharkoon Intros ‘Mask’ PC Case
XFX Unveils Passively Cooled Radeon R7 240 and 250 Cards
PowerColor’s Liquid Cooled R9 290X LCS Spotted
Sapphire Reveals Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X Tri-X Cards
HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo Spotted, Coming Soon

AMD and Oxide Games show off Mantle demo (Watch Video)

PNY Announces GTX 780 Ti OC Graphics Card
EVGA launches DisplayPort Hub
Seagate Acquires HDD Testing Firm Xyratex
Mushkin’s Atom USB 3.0 Drive is Teeny Tiny