The Dark Mod 2.0

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The Dark Mod 2.0
The Dark Mod 2.0

Pinch out the flame of a candle to plunge a room into darkness. Pluck a key from the belt of a patrolling guard without him noticing. Thump someone with a blackjack, hoist their body over your shoulder, and lug it out of sight. Pick locks, open chests, and stuff your pants full of loot. It’s the new and improved first-person stealth-em-up The Dark Mod, now a free standalone game with a wealth of missions.

The Dark Mod was originally a total conversion mod for Doom 3, made to recreate the the Thief series precisely, down to infiltration, sneaking, looting, escaping. While we’re waiting for the release of Thief 4 (and perhaps worrying that the series may have strayed from the path a bit too far), there’s the new version of The Dark Mod to tide us over. What’s changed? Most notably, the assets from Doom III have now been entirely replaced with custom content, so there’s no longer a requirement to own anything besides TDM to play TDM. And TDM is free.

The A.I. has been improved, at least in some respects. Guards now react more reliably to dead or unconscious bodies in their path. They also become curious when doors are opened while they’re nearby, and, as I discovered in my first game, will even investigate if doors are simply left open along their patrol routes. Their hearing and vision also seems to have improved somewhat from the last time I played the mod a few years ago: they’ll spot you from further away and respond to noises you create, including the sound of unconscious bodies hitting the floor.

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