Phoney’s Rant – The Sims 3

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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

The Sims 3 Late Night and High End Loft Stuff Expansion Packs

First it was Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 now The Sims 3 Expansion Packs, Damn You Electronic Arts!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all that’s what ever buddy seems to be saying and doing, not me fighting with The Sims 3. Anger makes me wanna throw the game in the microwave and watch the Pits and Lands cook then just eat the damn thing. Sick of tweaking games knowing that your well above the system requirements to play the fucking thing, and it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Bad enough I have to tweak operation systems and now the damn games, why because it all comes down to the developers EA… suck a big bag of dicks. I couldn’t hate a company as much as EA everything they touch turns to shit literally. All the command and conquer games after Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath went to hell, fuck you EA and your free to play or should I say Pay to With Generals 2. There’s no campaign yes there’s a campaign fuck you again again that’s exactly what EA does to you, hear bend over and take it up the ass.. you feel that? “no” O that’s right it’s been fucked to many times before by us.

It started to get bad around two months ago with Command and Conquer Red Alert 3, was trying to setup a online game with the younger bother and couldn’t seem to sign in. Turns out that I had to download there stupid ass origin/EA download manager to enter the Key code.

That was fine because it was used before with no problems, wrong after the key code was entered I couldn’t even get the sing in to work the damn game just kept crashing to the fucking desktop. All while my younger brother totally got around the hole origin crap and had no problem what so ever. So just continued with the single player campaign and forgot about the bad taste EA left in my mouth. Who knows what there capable of if they were already in your ass, because at this point I would pass out if someone was in my ass with the company disc.

The Soviet campaign was great but when the time came for the Allies the first mission was off to a bad start, glitching units caught up on buildings, AI just hanging around the map, babysitting units. Example I created three engineers to take over the oil decks and put them in a vehicle, click on the location where it was and minutes after saying they should be there turns out I was wrong. Stupid glitch had them on a corner of a building and had to babysit them all the fucking way to the oil decks, couldn’t wait for the game to be over at this point.

Enough with Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 lets rant about The Sims 3. Got the game for Christmas from the girlfriend witch is the last Retail game I’ll ever own or buy, and said yeah relaxing game to play considering that I already played The Sims 3 and no expansions. The expansions were Late Night and High End Loft Stuff. Popped the disc in right off the bad Origin sure what ever, ten minute installation and half hour update really. It’s been almost three years since I played the The Sims 3, what you couldn’t put the damn patch on the disc Jesus.

After it was done, fired up the game created my sims and started Late Night. Wasn’t in the game five minutes shuttering like crazy, played for a bit and couldn’t take the shuttering. It was just to bad and on my nerves to be honest. Turned down all the settings fired up the game again waited like 50 seconds for the damn thing to load and it still happen. Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t running as smooth as the first game. Quit the game fired up the browser, Google a bit and came cross a link on steam where there was a fix that worked for some but not all.

When in the game Press Ctrl + Shift C and type resetsim something like that, it worked for a little but not for long. In the end the game just got shutdown and went into a ranting stage, couldn’t believe how bad EA got over the years with no respect for there customers what so ever, spend about 90 Minutes trying to make the game run smooth. Plus there stupid fucking in game ad-on content was also on my nerves it never stopped spamming you with the login share post on facefuck etc buy new gear and get ripped off.

At this point I’m just done with EA no more games from this company and for the ones that’s in the rapper not open is going back for in store credit. Seriously after what they feed me I’m not fucking with the likes of EA anymore done! Don’t even think I’m getting Crysis 3 maybe $7 I’ll think about it, but has of now no and especially not at $40 – $50 for a five hour campaign Fuck you EA Fuck You!

Mass Effect 2 (Going back for in store credit)
Mass Effect 3 (Going back for in store credit)
Rage (Going back for in store credit) (Yeah it’s Bethesda owned by id but that’s a whole other rant entirely)

Has of now all games that don’t have a rating of 8 or higher is coming off the Future PC Games List, especially Star Wars Battlefront that was at E3 2013. Also wont be buying anything from EA until they get there shit together, and won’t be watching anything at E3 2014 from them. You want to rant about something feel free to email me I don’t care what it’s about I love ranting about shit that makes me mad!


Well just returned the above games and got a total of $63.00 Mass Effect 2 was $19.99, Mass Effect 3 $23.99 and Rage $9.99 thought I would get more for Rage but didn’t apparently.

Replaced the game with GTA 5 Brady Games Strategy Guide and XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3) and told the girlfriend to use the rest. Much happier now knowing that I won’t be spending two hours looking up fixes. Don’t buy anything from Electronic Arts and if you have after reading this, you and EA Can Suck A Big Bag of Dicks!