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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

Duke Nukem Forever Caused an Exception Access Violation

This rant is about a year old from my other blog that don’t get used anymore and so decided to throw it up here

I decided to give Duke Nukem Forever ago Again! and this time around I never ever got back to the Main Menu. It’s this error that keeps popping up has there was something wrong with it (Ya what the fuck was I thinking when I bought it) DukeForever.exe caused an Exception_Access_Violation etc, In my fucking head you mean. The same error can be found on 2K’s forum’s and Steam’s witch I have in my Games Library. After installing the game it runs Microsoft’s C++ 2005, 2008 (32-bit) and Microsoft’s DirectX Runtime 9.0 then launch’s the game.

But that didn’t happen for me has I keep getting the same error, I must spend about two hours running through fixes on 2K’s and Steam’s forums and never got back to the Main Menu instead of me posting link after link I’ll just let you watch the video on How to fix “DukeForever.exe caused an Exception_Access_Violation in module MSVCR90.dll at 0023:746B6B1D, vvcwprintf_s()+31288 byte(s)”

Also this was the first time I ever phone anyone over a game Ever and demand my money back even knowing that it wouldn’t happen. I was just down right Pissed, I tried just about every fucking link Google had to offer The resolution was 1440×900 and noting above that. Change it in the user.ini configuration file and never seen the Menu again. Plus this is the second time I’ve installed this game and there’s more the game is installed on a fresh installation of Windows 7 (64-bit) with updated Driver’s not getting any more clean then that.

Just can’t see myself ever buying something like this again if anyone ever reads this post just keep in mind when they say it’s garbage it’s garbage keep your money in your pocket, hell there’s lots of Free-2-Play games out there that can give you something in return then what is did. Could keep on writing all night about this game but I spend enough time fucking around with this, time to move onto something better say like Company of Heroes Anthology.

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Hope you enjoy the video of me acting crazy but it was for a good cause DON’T BUY THIS GAME! You’ll see that I’m a little upset so except a lot of fucks you been Warned!!

Duke Nukem where it Belongs period!
Duke Nukem where it Belongs period!


There’s one thing I didn’t try and that was deleting the save game file in under C:\Program Files\steam\etc and turning off Steam Cloud as that could be the problem. Forgot to mention that I did have the game running until the power flickered came back on and went out again 10 minutes later all while the game was going.

DON’T BUY THIS GAME and if You are reading this, Then I Truly Feel Sorry for You! Will I test it out fuck no, moved on to better games since then even though problems still happened it was noting like DukeForever. Let me know if the save game file worked in the comments below. You want to rant about something feel free to email me, don’t care what it’s about I love ranting about shit that makes me mad!