Phoney’s Rant – Operation Flashpoint and Medal of Honor

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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

I’ll take that for a Dollar, Operation Flashpoint and Medal of Honor (2010)

Codemasters should’ve stuck with Racing instead of releasing Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Seen these games in the bargain ben for $7.99 along with Medal of Honor and said you can’t go wrong with that and grabbed both of them. Medal of Honor wasn’t all that bad because it was running off the Frost Byte Engine and looked really nice but played really weak, by weak I mean it’s just like any other run of the mill FPS out there. Not a whole lot of guns and really short Single Player Campaign. Had one Problem with Nvidia’s PhyX where I had to uninstall the new version in favor of the old version on the disc but ran great.

Now for Operation Flashpoint: Red River you get what you pay for. You can control three solders, squad base I should say with a total of 10 Missions. Never played any game like this in years besides Brothers in Arms first and second ones that still has love yet today. First glitch was on Mission 8 couldn’t trigger the next event, turns out people where having the same fucking problem and spending like 45 Minutes running around wasn’t was fun either.

So after I was done playing Mission 10 today 22 Jun, 2013 of this writing or I should say Warning!! rolled the credits play a bit of Guitar and finished watching the rest of Computex 2013. Came back and fired it up again to play around with Last Stand to Rank up the Skills and Unlock the rest of the Perks. Upon signing in to Game For Windows Line, Yeah I know that piece of shit right, the Save Game was corrupted I was like WTF!

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Score: 3.0 (Don’t Buy this Game)
Medal of Honor Score: 6.0 (Okay considering it’s from the likes of EA)

Don’t buy Operation Flashpoint: Red River or if you don’t care and just want to play it well then you deserve to have your Save Game Corrupted and I almost for got to mention that the damn game look and played has if I was sitting right in front of the Console, I don’t hate consoles just Microsoft’s but did it have to look like a straight Console Port!


Looking back at what I wroth over a year ago get’s me thinking about how much they fucked me over especially EA. Just can’t get a break from having some fun when you gotta fuck around with the developers problems. So the Morrow of the story is You Get What You Pay 4!

Also with the consoles, I’m still stick to these words, PlayStation 3 is the last console I’ll ever own. It was only the other night trying to update SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs that it took a hour and 40 minutes to download the fucking update. Turns out deleting the game data and stating over did the trick, fuck really couldn’t believe it. Plus Google it shows people with the same problem, I hate consoles more and more everyday.