Phoney’s News Fourth Week January 2014

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So I get to sit down every week or two and read the news from place’s like Tom’s Hardware, Fudzilla, HardOCP, PC Perspective and many more wonderful sites, but there’s just one thing can’t seem to remember what I read two weeks ago not alone a month ago. So with this blog I can easily post the links to each Article’s and no more saying were the hell is that link or article I was reading.

New Encoding Tech May Bring Billions of Color to Blu-ray
(Kinda cool but doubt it’ll ever happen, fuck there’s people that I know still have JCR’s and not even a HDTV.)
Kingston’s Cute Flying Horse USB Drive for Chinese New Year 😉
(Ah look how cute the little dragon is, to bad this little guy can only take 16GB of storage up the ass.)
Sony Online to Shut Down Four MMOs This Year :mrgreen:
(It was only yesterday January 28, 2014 that Socom 4 Us Navy Seals got shutdown, Fuck the Console’s R.I.P.)
New Windows 8.1 GDR1 May Arrive in March
(This move is expected to allow the platform to run on cheaper, small tablets. Yeah let’s try and still make this happen because we don’t know what to do help us Please!)
Microsoft SkyDrive Renamed OneDrive After UK Legal Dispute (Watch Video) 😈
(OneDrive definitely makes the most sense, especially when you consider Microsoft’s Xbox One. Fuck Microsoft and their Xbox One Windows 8-8.1-8.2 and OneDrive.)

LogMeIn Free Service Discontinued Cough up Money for Pro 😯
Malwarebytes Releases First Public Beta of Anti-Malware 2
Internet Explorer 11 to get new Enterprise Mode aka Compatibility Mode Functionality
Intel kills failed AppUp Store
Mantle delayed for Battlefield 4 Again!
GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition Listed for Order 😎
Nvidia Maxwell GM107 GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti coming on February 18th
Nvidia Maxwell to be very Power Efficient

Seagate Cloud losing Ground
OCZ Power Supplies have Found a Buyer for PC Power and Cooling branded Power Supplies 😛
Toshiba to cut OCZ Warranties on everything Except High end SSDs
Func HS 260 Gaming Headset with Removable Mic Announce (Full Review)
Cooler Master Intros CM Storm Trigger-Z Mechanical Keyboard
The Best 3D Printers of 2014
Gigabyte Launches AMD-powered Brix Gaming PC
Electronic Arts Reports Q3 FY14 Financial Results Nice