Phoney’s News Third Week February 2014

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So I get to sit down every week or two and read the news from place’s like Tom’s Hardware, Fudzilla, HardOCP, PC Perspective and many more wonderful sites, but there’s just one thing can’t seem to remember what I read two weeks ago not alone a month ago. So with this blog I can easily post the links to each Article’s and no more saying were the hell is that link or article I was reading.

Windows XP Users Are Missing Out
(Windows XP maybe one of the best OS’s but living in the past ant helping October 25, 2001.)
Be quiet! Reveals SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 PSUs
(When I was in the spirit to build a Mimi-ITX system this would’ve suited my needs just right.)
Lian Li Launches PC-A51 Case
(Reverse airflow design, allowing cool air to be pulled into the chassis from the rear, weird I gotta say.)
Oxide Games Says AMD Mantle is Disruptive Technology
(disruptive technology in that it is getting everyone into rethinking things, yeah especially when looking at battlefield 4 not much difference when it comes to D3D Fuck AMD and their Mantle.)
Super Talent RAIDDrive II Plus PCIe SSD Writes at 3.2 GB/s
(On-board users will also find 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory, this crazy I remember the day when 512MB’s was more then enough. Gaming on the other hand 2GB was the sweet spot, when I first purchase my system 8 Years ago with the Pentium 4 3.0GHz there was only 256MB’s then again the store I purchase it from were dick heads.)

Microsoft SkyDrive is Now OneDrive :mrgreen:
Why Windows 8 Has New Start Screen & Metro Apps
YouTube launches new centered layout Really Again!! 😡
Unsubscribing has become a tad easier on Gmail
Valve Says Its Anti-cheat System Doesn’t Spy on Users 😈
Game Developers Favor The PC 🙄
LEPA Announces LPC306 Mid-Tower Enclosure
Broadwell delay Again until Q4 Quarter
See how Crucial Ballistix DRAM are Made 😎
Innodisk Covers RAM With Protective Conformal Coating

MSI rolls out FM2+ A88XIAC mITX Motherboard (MSI)
AMD Gaming Evolved App with Redeemable Prizes 🙄
MSI Explains “Lower” Clock Speeds On Retail Versus GAMING GPUs
Sapphire announces R7 265 Dual-X Graphics Card
EKWB’s New Water Block Made for Asus R9 280X DirectCU II
Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black Has Fully-enabled GK110 Core (NVIDIA) 😎
Nvidia Announces GM107 GeForce GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti Graphics Cards 😐

LaCie Updates 2big, 5big Thunderbolt Series with Seagate’s (SMR) Technology
SanDisk Intros Dual USB Drive and High-Performance USB Drive
Netgear Launches Two New Cable Modem Routers
Dear Asus Router Owner: You’ve Been Pwned 😳
Func Revises MS-3 Gaming Mouse and Lowers Price
Gigabyte Announces Quad-Core J1900-Based Motherboard
Hardware.Info Overclocks Raspberry Pi to 1.5 GHz using EVGA EPower Board 2.0 😎
Broadwell NUCs coming in Q4
Morgan Freeman Narrates Day Z 😆