Happy Birthday PhoneyVirus

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

It’s that time of the year again, when the Birthday strolls around to remind you that your dying. So here’s what went down with Phoney’s birthday, really noting, dragged my ass out of bed did what I normally would do shower etc. Fired up the machine played some Counter Strike: GO, downloaded the last PDF magazine’s for 2013 from Maximum PC. Then me and the girlfriend out for launch witch mostly involved driving, because you know living in the middle of nowhere, going somewhere takes time.

When home woke up the baby, aka the machine and started watching and listening to NVIDIA’s GTC 2014 while reading AMD Radeon R9 295X2 CrossFire Video Card Review from HardOCP. Then when done with that, I finally got up to speed on the new SATA Express 1 and 2 lanes SATA Express connector etc.

Read SATA Express Performance on ASUS Hyper Express Drive from Legit Reviews, by then NVIDIA’s GTC 2014 was over and the review was coming to a close, I picked thought Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX 1500W Power Supply Review from PC Perspective listening to IRON MAIDEN Album Powerslave. Yes the cake is a lie, for first time ever I didn’t want a cake. Sure got some gifts from the GF, but won’t see them until they arrive. Can’t complain considering it’s a ABS Molded StratTele Electric Guitar Case and Universal “A”-Frame Electric Guitar Stand really happy for both definitely.

Decided to write this post because of the cool Star Wars banner, maybe weird but at less I got a Happy Birthday and from the girlfriend, because I didn’t get it from one of the family members. Guest that’s what happens when you get old, can’t remember noting, they’ll phone evenly. Friend’s ha, like I said before in another post, what friends the ones you have to entertain even knowing their not your friends. For the record who needs friends when their messed up in the head literally, I’m not kidding you their seriously… what’s the word Fucked.

Now that everyone and everything is completely out of the way I can move forward, and that begins with the renovations on the house, continuing reading the 21th edition of Upgrading and Repairing PC’s while building the new system. Just can’t wait unitl it’s all over, summer 2014 is going to completely amazing! :mrgreen:

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