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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

The Dream Machine Nightmare

Wish there were some way to go back in time and prevent this nightmare from happening

Dream Machine 2014 got really exciting when first ordering the Cooler Master Cosmos II case, but that got all put on hold because of the renovations that were happening around the house and in the lab, so it was once more put on hold till June then started ordering the rest. Tunes out that Z87 Chipset was suppose to be the Chipset for dream machine 2013 but that got post pose because of you know money.

So 2014 strolled around and ended up going with the Z97 Chipset. Parts started showing up to the door then followed by testing them one by one with the old Dream Machine 2008, everything turned out fine for the most part but things were about to get crazy or should I say Havoc.

Never in my life time building PC’s did I have this much frustration and nerve wrecking experience putting the hardware together. From Corsair’s H100i AIO cooler to the ASUS ROG Maximus VII Hero motherboard and Intel’s Core i7 4790K processor. instead of me ranting about what just annoyed me the most I’ll take on one piece of hardware at a time staring with the Cooler Master Cosmos II case.

Before going into the Cosmos II case I’ll cover some of the problems I encounter along the way, it was with ASUS stupid Keybot application once enabled locked up the mouse and keyboard leaving me with no control over the system, turned out you have to have it in a pacific USB port on the back of the motherboard. Next was the GameFirst III application that was conflicting with my network, I blamed Intel’s driver for i218-v Ethernet even though there were some settings that need tweaking. It wasn’t Intel’s fault but the ASUS GameFirst III service running in the background, selecting disable fixed that problem and a quick uninstall of the application it was over.

Last problem I can remember sure there’s more yet I’ll continue on. It was Sony’s USB 3.0 Flash drive, It had all the benchmark applications load on the drive so there were no downloading need, just drag and drop extract and install. Benchmarking ant fun by no means and I don’t even know why I used that many. When it came time to run Unigine Heaven Benchmark I need the DX10 version and apparently in version 4.0 it got removed, so with that fired up the server safely disconnected the Sony flash drive plunged it into the server drag and dropped it then safely disconnected. Plugged it back in the new system only to see format drive, at this point I was starting to become really upset, not only did I spend about two days benchmarking the damn system but had to deal with this shit also.

So with all the bullshit that lead up to this point it was about to get a whole lot worst.

The Cooler Master Cosmos II case ant worth what they are charging for it, especially when you paid $431 for the damn thing. For the first half of the system build I didn’t have any frustration or nerve wreaking experience expect for a few things that I covered above. When the time came to install the hardware into the chassis Corsair H100i went in first, wish I would’ve kept it for last. Next came the nightmare, screwed in the standoffs titan them up with Cooler Master Cosmos II socket and installed the I/O shield. Took the motherboard and loaded into the case and two of the standoffs had a little bump coming up of the other standoffs fitting the motherboards into place, but there’s one that was the closest to the I/O Shield that really cause the most fucking problems I ever had period.

Cooler Master COSMOS II

When putting the screws in the standoffs not only did it feel like I was ripping the treads apart but also tearing up the motherboard because it was so hard to get them in. It felt like the screws were to big for the standoffs, not all of them were like this but just two and the closest one to the I/O Shield that had that little bump above the standoff locking the motherboard into place. Well halfway through I knew I had to take the screws out and start over, sure when I tried to remove one of the screws the fucking standoff was backing out of the chassis creating a bump on the motherboard, anymore and I would’ve fucked up the traces on the back of the motherboard.

You can thank Cooler Masters so called socket that was include with the accessories and caused this problem. Don’t use the socket that comes with their accessories.

When the screws finally got removed oh and all of this was taking place in the God damn floor because the fucking case weight 50lbs and couldn’t put it on the desk. The standoff that was the closest to the I/O Shield wouldn’t let go, it was literally jammed in there causing it to be stuck and almost damaging the motherboard. It felt like the Cooler Master Cosmos II case was eating my motherboard and didn’t want to give it back.

After the case stop eating the motherboard I looked all over the back for damage and there was none thank fuck because at this point the nightmare begin.

Over the course of eight years building machine I also had to deal with the back fan wires hanging all over the motherboard or getting in the way when working on them. Note to the manufactures leave the fucking fan off, DO NOT install that fan anymore, we’ll do it are self okay.

Up next is the Corsair H100i AIO liquid cooler, were do I begin with this piece of shit. FUCK don’t this make me mad just thinking about it. First off don’t install this AIO liquid cooler at all, don’t even buy it. It was only a few hours ago that I completely remove all their buggy software and the mess of wiring that came with their piece of shit.

Corsair h100i

Not only do you have to fight with the AIO cooler but I had to cut off one of the fan corners because you paid $431 for a case that apparently should hold every piece of hardware you could possible throw at it. Turns out again that the Cooler Master Cosmos II case ant worth what their charging for it, waste of space and money.

Can’t really blame Cooler Master all that much though, it was because of ASUS motherboard and their stupid EPS/ATXv12 8-pin connector that was on the edge of the motherboard, that it brought up in causing more then just a headache a fucking nightmare. Out came the Hack saw blade and off with its head is what I said, with that the cooler dropped in place letting me screw it in for the seventh time. Ya seven times I had to remove this damn cooler just to get at something on the motherboard, I would usually say install it last but for this piece of shit burn it out back in the fire pit or like I said on their forums crush the aluminum and bring it to the scrap yard to get back some of your money.

Now that it was install came the software, one quick flick through their forum and you’ll really see what kinda of support these basters have. Corrupted Firmware no way of rolling back software complete mess and just one big fucking annoyance. Here’s what I said on their forums when someone else asked this question.

Hi, would like to know if anyone has used this corsair link Version 2.7.5332 using a corsair H80i water cooling kit. If yes have you run into any problem. Thank You.

Funny I had problems ever since I ran ASUS Fan Xpert on v2.6.xxxx one fan just keeps spinning up while the other stays at 800rpm again there’s something going on with ASUS Ai suite 3, even after I uninstalled it. Hope this version works and there’s no stupid corsair logo in the middle of the screen when first starting your machine because I hate it and want it gone. Plus WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE NO! STOP asking me this every time I close the application please. Oh and start minimize too and stop popping up on screen even after I told it to start minimize WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE YES! Opens it and close it without touching anything WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE


NO! Omg NO! C’mon NO! really NO! just stop already Please. I never been so annoyed by a piece software in my life, because the above is what I had to see and click through for the last four days. This version don’t fix what experience above, I’m out of here, and will never purchase another Corsair Product as long as I live.

Well that’s what I said and well be doing from here on out, no more Corsair products for me never, I don’t care what they have, I’ll never purchase or read another review if it has any Corsair crap into never!

Here’s one more to go along with the ASUS Fan Xpert the question is Will the Corsair Link software work reliability with the AI Suite software that comes with the Asus Maximus VI Formula ROG MBs?

No they don’t work well together you will get random errors per what was explained above. I believe at one point Corsair was recommending you do not use this software with Link. I am biased though I had a ton of problems with the LINK and ripped it out of my system and now use the ASUS software to control all my fans.

Exactly what I did because their both shit and completely unreliable to begin with, like I said above stay way from Corsair products. I even hated Maximum PC for giving this piece of hardware a verdict worth buying, I was going to cancel my subscription and everything but when I told the girlfriend she said it was paid for two years. Ya that’s how much I’m stating to hate machines serious it can’t get any worst at this point.

Since were on the topic about Corsair Products lets talk a little about their AX860i. The Power supply Unit is phenomenal looking at the specs list, it has everything you could possibly ever want in a Power Supply Unit. Everything else outside of that is useless, the wires are to short and the so called extra USB port on the H100i that allows you to hook up other Corsair products from the pump did not work for me.

Corsair AX860i

So I had to use all the USB headers on the motherboard to get the Corsair Link working with the PSU. Sure I have that one back now because I literally ripped the cables out and throw it in the floor behind me, I think the cats are playing with it right now and they can, I’ll never use it again! Guest they should’ve add 3″inch more to the cables instead of worrying about stupid bags with their logo on to put the PSU in or stickers that no ones really cares about, personally I hate all that shit.

Now comes the Air Flow 2 a RAM cooler, looks nice but performs like any other fan. There’s one thing I hated the most not to mention there was no CD included for their stupid ass Corsair Link, was no information about the Air Flow 2 in the box, didn’t know what RPM speeds it ran at didn’t know shit because there were shit to begin with. Had to jump on there website using IE 11 that also has the stupids search engine around to fine out the specs, at this point I was going through a OCD attack and just about had enough with the whole Dream Machine 2014.

Corsair vengeance airflow fan

After a day or two the headache/nightmare continued on, but this time, it was with Intel’s Core i7 4790K processor and ASUS Maximus VII hero motherboard. The layout of the motherboard is completely dumb, the very first thing I noticed about the motherboard was the Q-code LED. The first time I ever seen a Q-code or debug LED, again two fuck names to persistent one thing, was on EVGA’s 680i SLI motherboard and it was down in the right hand side of the motherboard, not above were you couldn’t seen it. Sure I love getting down on my keens to see what Q-code number it’s showing, it’s fine if your working with it in a open air chassis but not when it’s a case.

Guest you can thank Cooler Master Cosmos II case for wasting space, tell you the truth there’s noting wrong with the case or chassis besides that fucking standoff. The way I look at it, is that the Cooler Master Cosmos II was created for PowerUsers to build their own custom DIY liquid cooling kits, not these stupid AIO coolers. Either way Corsair H100i AIO cooler and ASUS Maximus VII Hero motherboard are both in the fault, not Cooler Master.

Moving on to the PCIe x16 slots on the motherboard you can run two Nvidia graphics cards in SLI @ x8 or one @ x16 and for the third, well here’s where it gets a little confusing, I’ll have to copy and paste this one because yet to this day, I still think this PCIe x4 slot should’ve never been put on the motherboard.

The PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (PCIEX4_3) shares bandwith with PCIe 2.0 x1 and M.2 slot. The default setting is Auto Mode, which automatically optimizes the system bandwidth. If you install a PCIe 2.0 x4 device, the system will automatically detect and disable PCIe 2.0 x1 and M.2 slot. The PCIe 2.0 x1 slots (PCIEX1_1/2/3) will be disabled when PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (PCIEX4_3 ) operates under x4 speed or M.2 mode.

What I make out from this mockery, is that you lose all PCIe x1 slots, there’s three total and the other two PCIe gen 3.0 will all be disable because you wanted to use either the PCIe 2.0 x16 slot and the M.2 mode. Okay why even bother putting the stupid slot on the motherboard to begin with really. So there goes that M.2 slot all together, maybe I’m understanding it wrong but the morrow of the story is it should’ve been put on the fucking board to begin with.


In one of the ASUS PCDIY videos they mention hooking up a Y-Cable to one Chassis fan header and controlling both of them from one, well maybe they should’ve include that in the documentation manual, not fine out about it watching one of these videos. Talking about headers that’s another thing, I’m sure they said somewhere that they added more USB headers to the Maximus VII hero, well I love to fucking know where. Looking at the Z87 Chipset or the Maximus VI Hero there’s only three and on the Maximus VII hero motherboard there’s still only three, not including the front port header for the case.

They should’ve dropped the other PCIe 2.0 slot in favor of more USB Headers, and that way they could’ve put the Q-code LED on the bottom of the motherboard. Wish in one hand and shit in the other I guest.

Now comes their software, I covered GameFirst III and the problems I had with it, plus their stupid AI Suite 3 above. Something that can all be controlled from within the UEFI-BIOS expect for the EPU. Okay ASUS Boot setting that allow you to boot directly in the UEFI-BIOS from within the operation system. Sure it works but when you open it, the GUI interface looks like it came from one of their other suits and didn’t look like it belonged with the Republic of Gamers slogan and hated because it wasn’t part of the ROG series applications.

ASUS Maximus VII Hero AI Suite 3

Also forgot to mention about using any registry cleaner like Tuneup Utilities or CCleaner while your using ASUS AI Suite 3 application. When you run the registry cleaner it remove’s values that AI Suite 3 uses, looking though Rog forums and you’ll see people with the same problem. Surely there’s a fix yes and no, you can always exclude the value so that the cleaner ignores it or wait on ASUS to fix the problem, lol ya like that’s going to happen. I had the same problem five years ago on the P5Q Pro and it never got address so don’t whole your breath for that one to happen anytime soon.

Disk Unlocker is a application that allows you to unlock the other remaining storage if you have anything higher then a 2TB drive, simple but again had noting to do the ROG slogan, and if your not using a 2TB drive it’s useless because it’s running a service in the background. Since were on the topic about services not only do you have other services running in the background but ones you’ll never use. The AI Suite 3 has many services running in the background that will not befit you in the long run, plus uninstalling it will not remove those services. Now you can see why the AI Suite 3 and the Corsair link ant something you want running at all.

Next up is their AO online and ASUS PC Diagnostics installing AO online not only installs a list of FAQ but a remote control allowing someone else to control your system, plus ASUS Connect Plus that also allows you to overclock remotely installs a ASUS Mirror driver under Display adapters that it’s completely unnecessary when you can do it sitting in front of the machine.

ASUS PC Diagnostics should’ve been included with the AI Suite, not sprayed because it’s a little stress testing application, but then again there’s better third-party stress testing application out in the while then this one.

Keybot another useless feature under ROG branding, touched bases about this above, about it locking up my keyboard and mouse and that it has to be in a pacific USB port on the back of the motherboard. When using it not only does it add more time to the login screen waiting for it to wake up but it’s more then likely to conflict with Logitech’s software, that controls such features on the keyboard and mouse.

Mem TweakIt the only thing you can do with this piece of software is view the timings, here’s what it says when you first start the application. Mem TweakIt can be used to show all levels of memory timings, witch can be shared and compared via the ROG website to compete with friends. However, due to a limitation within the Intel 4th generation Core processor platform we are not yet able to tweak theses timings within the OS.

In other words it’s useless too, oh and since they mention website, the ROG website was down for two days, leaving me waiting for it to come back online. Just more Frustration added to the table. Not to mention their website and the drives that’s available, I don’t want to spend a fucking hour looking through old driver versions that should’ve been removed as soon as the new one was available. Jump on any other website like MSI or Gigabyte’s and you’ll have no problem what so ever downing drivers in less then a hour. Remember when you had to wait almost 2 minutes for the damn page to load like three years ago? because I do.

ROG RAMDisk creates virtual storage using remaining memory. The only down side to this piece of software is that is works and the warning it gives that it could take 2-3 minute to start your system when using more then 16GB of memory. Okay I’m not waiting around that all to use this feature, plus there’s tons of free application that do the same.

Last but not least Sonic Radar II, it allows you to view a Radar in game play overlaying on the screen to see where the sound is coming from. It seems to be kinda cool but don’t know if it works with every game. The only game I know it works with it, is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now for the last SonicSound Stage was a really nice feature but not when you gotta have your Headset plugged in the front port audio to get it working.

Put it this way, I’m not making my case look like it’s on life support having ugly wires hanging all over the place, sorry so you can kiss that feature good by. Nevertheless the Audio chip that’s separated from the rest of the PCB is phenomenal, listening to music from the web I had to turn it down to 10, default settings when doing a fresh installation is 66. It’s fucking loud really loud, so much so I’m literally happy about the audio but not the Sonic Sense AMP that requires you to plugin your head phones to take advantage of it.

Closing time with Intel’s Core i7 4790K processor. This is my very first K version ever and will be the last, tried all possibly configurations and couldn’t keep the temps down no matter what I tried. Doing a search on this just made things worst, apparently I ended up with one that gets hot really fast, example running OCCT or Prime95 it would hit temps high as 99c. Yes 99c couldn’t even get 4.6GHz without hit that high, I even tried ASUS EZ Tuner and still couldn’t get a decent overclock. Although I did manage to get 1866MHz using XMP v1.3 so can’t really complain.

Intel's Devil's Canyon

If I was coming from say a Core i7 3.4GHz Quad Core to this I would’ve been outraged. I paid almost $400 dollars for this processor and couldn’t overclock it, sure it’s Intel’s first 4.0GHz CPU but that ant the case, the case is I would’ve paid $200 more for what a 1.5GHz increase in clock speed when I could get a hell of alot more when looking on the AMD side. Not only was I outraged but in complete denial trying to overclock this chip but wouldn’t give up, so after five hours I just give in and said I’ll never purchase another K version again.


This dream machine was the worst PC build ever, if I had my time back I would’ve went with the following hardware: Gigabyte motherboard, PC Power and Cooling PSU, Patriot Viper Memory, Custom DIY liquid cooling kit and never look at a Unlocked K version again. All the problems I had with the Corsair products, ASUS software and the disappointment I felt when trying to overclocking the Core i7 4790K this Dream Machine 2014 would get no more then a Verdict 7. The benchmarks were out of this world and mind blowing, you can check them out for yourself below. When your coming from a P45 Chipset and a Penryn E8400 Duo Core the results are going to be big, to bad I couldn’t get a overclock with the Core i7 4790K because it would’ve been even more. Dream Machine Verdict 7