A Love Hate Relationship with WordPerfect X6

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When you have hundreds of documents created with a different application like WordPrefect, it’s not like you can just dump it for another one and move on because there’s a problem with the layout of the document.

The problem I had for many years using WordPerfect 12 and X6, is that the Images was always moved around or something in that forum of manner.So today I was getting to the bottom of this annoyance, indefinitely and didn’t care what I had to do to solve this problem. Every week or so I would usually fire up the system and jump on ghacks for a little software Tutorial and link that page in a WordPerfect document, so that way I didn’t need to bookmark or add it to favorites for future referents.

So upon opening the document I noticed that the links were either spaced more then they should be or images over lapping each other. Searching for the problem would reveal noting to what I was experiencing and there were no forums to ask for assistance. I didn’t know how to get help for the problem I was facing and headed over to Corel’s website and seen Chat Now! and said to myself this ant going to work. So I started off with my name and email address followed by the problem and boom there was someone their willing to help me. Never really had much hope and had alot of doubt then anything, if they could assist the problem I was facing.

They asked me what Version of Wordprefect I was using, operating system and did I have the SP1 patched installed Yes to all. With me been all up to date I started telling them what I was experiencing after I reinstalled Wordprefect X6 and opening a recent document. It took awhile for them understand what I was trying to tell them, so they started me off with resetting Wordprefect X6 back to it’s default setting using the registry edit with no luck. On the three explanation they finally figured out that the problem was, and that was the printer driver causing the problem with my documents been different.

Here’s what I had to do and will continue to do when first installing Wordprefect X6:

WordPerfect® is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application. This means that WordPerfect® will communicate with the currently selected printer to determine the layout/display of the given document. This layout is determined by the information provided to WordPerfect from the printer driver currently installed. In some instances, there are variations between driver manufacturers and even drivers for the same printer but on different operating systems. These subtle variations can cause some pagination/formatting issues when opening documents created on other workstations.

WordPerfect has an option which can be enabled if you wish the document to maintain the original formatting no matter what printer is being utilized. This option sets up documents, fonts, and other settings without communicating with a printer.

To customize compatibility options for opening WordPerfect documents you need to disable printer metrics:

  • Click Tools, Settings
  • Click Convert
  • In the Convert settings dialog box, click the Compatibility tab
  • In the Options area, enable the Do not format document using print metrics check box
  • If you wish to have the customized settings saved in the default template and applied to all WordPerfect documents that you open, then Click Template
  • Click Yes

Note: You cannot customize the settings for opening files created in WordPerfect 5.1 or 5.2, or in Microsoft Word version 6 or later. You can restore the default settings for opening documents created in WordPerfect version 6 and up by choosing WordPerfect 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/X3/X4 from the Recommended formatting options for list box and clicking Template.

Having a little fate can go along ways when dealing with such problems that may occur when troubleshooting pacific annoyances. Now I can finally continue with the software tutorials and feel much happier knowing that I shouldn’t have to deal with this problem anymore. To bad that it’s 11:11pm in the night because half ways through this tutorial fix me and girlfriend jumped in are redneck vehicle and went town and bought a bran new 2014 vehicle right off the lot. Put it this way I’ll never work on a vehicle again for the rest of my life.

I can’t not stand vehicles knowing what kind of technology we have available today and it doesn’t even reach surface level because of the way we slowly take baby steps instead of coming out full force, nevertheless me and the salesmen had a nice little talk about the future and whats to come. I’m supper happy knowing that’s one less thing picking on me, example carpenter work, build machines, tweak, troubleshoot, work, etc you get the idea it’s life but not on a scale like this everyday, so I’m happy for once knowing that fucking headache will never occur again!