Apple Macintosh’s iPhone 6 Ad campaign

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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

The iPhone 6 Ad Campaign for Apple Fan-boys

What about iPhone Products, here’s one besides it been more stupid then Smart, it’s Apple

You know it’s bad when you have Apple using some Trick Photo To Make their New iPhones Look Thinner, c’mon really they wouldn’t do that, what are you? A PC Fan-boy. Apple is noting more then a highly respectable company, so much so that Microsoft now theses days can’t wait to be like them, there’s no way in hell they could ever come up with such a crooked idea, not alone doing it.

I hate all Macintosh products and never in my life time did I ever own one, when someone tells me they purchased a Apple Laptop, I say good for you while I secretly roll my eyes and tell them your better off considering where Microsoft it headed with Tables and Touch screens, that on buddy seams to care for no matter how hard they try to force it on their customers. Yes! please leave your DNA all over my screen while your at it.

There’s one thing I like to mention that happen last week when the girlfriend was talking to some sale guy in the store about her Blackberry 9550 and the battery dying, he’s like hang on there I think I have one laying around… here you go free on the house noting to it. Then we talked a little and found out that he hated apple and goolge products as much as I do, then went on talking about Blackberry’s new Passport and the way people should support their country instead of getting what people thinks is hot and really it’s not. Nevertheless I Hate All Macintosh Products!!



So apparently the Trick Photo To Make their New iPhones Look Thinner wasn’t needed after all, because there are a loads of people bending their iPhones purposely and accidentally to see if the rumors are true.

Maybe they should’ve went with Blackberry Passport that sold 200.000 devices last week, you don’t hear anything like the above from a person that purchased a Blackberry Phone. I’m sorry if your a Apple fanboy but you got what you paid for and more, have fun returning your crappy iPhone to store that warranty don’t cover because Apple was well aware of the problem at launch, and said we don’t care, Steve Job is dead along with iPhones.