Renovations are finally Complete

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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

The Lab is Officially Complete

Even though the office room is complete, that doesn’t mean it’s over

The year 2014 is almost over and fall is finally here, with fall taking place you may notice that things are going to slow down to a crawl. Let it be computer hardware, gaming, going out, seeing people and the tourists in your town is just about over, well for this community I live in at least, and that’s a positive thing for the most part. This means I have more time for gaming, considering all the carpenter work I finished not to long ago, yes The Lab is finally complete and my life is some what back to normal.

We purchase a new 2014 KIA car, no more of that shit, fuck I hate vehicles seriously though I really do hate them because of so many different form factors that exist in the industry. I much ratter study carpenter work then vehicles plus the money involved is just insane. So you can forget me working on anymore vehicles ever again, specially when everything is done for you, don’t even have to worry about changing oil because they do it, hell they even phone you when your time is ready. Stress Free for the most part when it comes to the vehicle.

Laid the baseboard mouldings Monday of this week, followed with jacking the gable end wall and doing a few other tweaks along the way. I did manage to record most of it as there are a lot of raw video to go through, but did mange to conquer it. The videos should be upload to the Youtube channel soon or later, because well I’m gaming and finishing up other things that been hanging out in my head like forever, Bookmarks need organizing, about fifty Windows 7 Tutorials left to complete and the Storage cabinet needs to be clean.

Also we made up are mind about this place, we’re not buying this place nor are we living in this community for the rest of your lives. The plan is to rent for a few more years then purchase a piece of land followed by dropping a home like we live in now onto it and build are own place. Then rent out the other for little or noting just to keep it going.

Still thinking about the 21th Edition of Upgrading and Repairing PC’s that got dropped just about half ways through, because of the carpenter work that took place inside and outside this God forsaken place, put it this, you’ll Never Fine Me in the Crawl Space Again! Seriously though if had to crawl back under this house again, I think fire or some sort of thing will take place, fuck the crawl space. I wasn’t going to nail up the Cat6 Ethernet cable because I knew it involved me crawling around in the fucking dirt, but hey it’s done and over forever that’s until something goes wrong. No I won’t be taking the Ethernet cable with me if it involves crawling around in the dirt sorry, you keep it.

Might start selling some old hardware online, to bad the younger bother couldn’t get his shit together and buy the chassis as he was suppose too. That’s one thing I hate the most about someone, if your going to say it then do it, because I see it out to the very end especially when I say it, no matter what’s coming or what obstacles maybe in the way, true to my word even if it feels like I going to murder someone in the process. Clearly I wouldn’t do something like that, it’s the emotions you go through when dealing with such crap.

Nevertheless things are finally shaping up for me and truly happy about the way things turned out for once. Still taking anxiety attacks even now as I write this article, it’s not serious though, do feel a little burning in the center of the chest, guest I just want this post over so I can play some Far Cry 3 witch is the fourth game I’m on at the moment or it could possibly be the Remote desktop connection I was running diagnostics on early who knows right. So with that shit out the way I’m signing off and going to play some Far Cry 3, ho and the Dream Machine 2014 is also up and running fine ever since ASUS software bundle got removed.