Console Ports Continue to disappoint PC Gamers

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Zero Tolerance

Consoles Ports Continue to Make Progress

Lately it been noting but a negative emotional state for PC Gamers like myself

The console ports just keep rolling in for the PC Gamer, it was only last week that I finished reading about Shadows of Mordor and the system requirements using 6GB of VRAM and couldn’t understand why they would ever list a requirement for such a game that little or no buddy seems to have. What 3% of gamers can max out the settings, so what maybe they should truly develop a game that ant a fucking console port.

At this rate the Future PC Games list seems to be getting lite, why should I purchase Shadows of Mordor if the graphics is no better then the stupid consoles honestly though why? When I can still buy it for the PlayStation 3, and when that time comes it could be priced for no more then $10 dollars, hell I’ve been purchasing games for the PS3 the last month from the Superstore with a price label of $4.97 dollars. Yes four fucking dollars seriously I’m not kidding you, I have like 130+ games most of them not even open because the 300GB HDD is just about full.

So reading this shit just makes me fucking mad, even more that Evil Within runs at 30FPS, in letterbox WTF! So now we have Dead Rising 3, Shadows of Mordor and now The Evil Within, it’s happening again. Turns out that once again the consoles come first, it’s the unified RAM which can be used as both system and video memory that’s why we have those fucked up requirements here’s a quote from The 3D of Guru:

Why does the PC recommended ask for 4 GB of VRAM?

The PS4 and Xbox One both have 8 GB of unified RAM which can be used as both system and video memory. Because our PC version is functionally identical to those platforms, we recommend 4 GB of system memory, and 4 GB of VRAM for the best experience.

Can I run it on a card with less than 4 gigs of VRAM?

Yes. Please refer to the minimum requirements above. You won’t be experiencing the game at 1080p and you’ll likely need to turn off some features, but you will still be able to have a great experience with the game.

It’s worth noting that the 50 GB of space required is for the PC install. When the installation is complete, the game will take up ~41 GB of HDD space.

So there you have it console becomes first over any platform including the PC. Also like how he says you’ll likely need to turn off some features, well guest what maybe you douche bags should’ve developed the games better for the PC instead of favoring the fucking consoles shouldn’t you. I said it before and I’ll say again the PlayStation 3 is the last console I’ll ever own. Also with all the games piling up I should be good for the next decade, and for what it’s worth I’ll never give Steam no more then $15 dollars for a game ever again and with that price it better have all the DLC included, if not $7 dollars. I’m serious give them money for something you don’t even own, your just Renting it or what I like to called it Rent-2-own Digital (R2D).

You may wanna to checkout Gamespots video of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Graphics Comparison, it’s the same just without the stupid requirements of course. In the description below the video it’s says (No Ultra-HD PC Texture Pack Installed) don’t worry no buddy has that much VRAM anyway.

A piece of me would like to say Long Live The PC! out loud, but for what, when we get noting more then console ports. Would like to see me trying to install 130 games with a 50GB file size on the PlayStation 3, you’d have to have 4TB HDD to even think about it. I’m just glad you can still purchase these titles on the PS3 because that’s where there going to be listed, as their getting removed from the Future PC Games list and onto the Future PS3 Games list. So with this and PC Gamer pissing me off with their new website, it’s been a excellent week for gaming. Last but not least Ubisoft, yeah it’s last but for the least there will be more, you’d just wait.


So here’s the least, also sorry for the typo’s above if anyone read this post/rant more or less, The Guru of 3D put together yet another article following up about games been lock at 30fps on PC, well because of those stupid fucking console’s again. Ubisoft engineer says Microsoft & Sony pressuring them 30fps on PC what this can’t be true, no way especially when the PC is so much more capable of doing 30fps, even more when using three and four way SLI and CrossFire graphics cards. With all the shit hitting the fan for the last two weeks about 30fps on PC just keeps me hating it more and more. This shit has gone to far and it’s absolutely ridiculous, why the fuck did I even build this years Dream Machine if games are going to be locked at 30 fps serious though fuck you Ubisoft… no wait Thank You! because now purchasing any games for the PC from you guys can literately burn in fucking hell again more or less.

Not to mention the future of PC gaming and the massive mount of ports we’re about to be faced with in the coming years. Dead Rising 3, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Evil Within all has 30fps lock, why even purchase a $550 graphics card when future games will only run at $30fps, your best bet would to just go with a $200 dollar graphics card instead. There are many thing’s I can complain about, but there’s one thing I like to clear up and that’s the PS3, like I said before many times the PlayStation 3 is the last console I’ll ever own, at this point it’s noting more then a hobby like the guitar. I’ll continue collecting the triple A games for it followed with cheese ones example PlayStation Move but don’t want no more then 300 or less would be better.

When the PS3 games fall into history and the shelves dry up you’ll never catch me standing in any hall looking at console games ever again, and it will be PC all the way. Even more going into a store for PC games were dead before the internet knew about, what 92% of PC game sales were made up from digital sales alone last year. Well guest what PC games never got looked at since 2012 when it was poked behind some shit in the store that had noting to do with gaming and there wasn’t even any newer titles in this hidden secret of dying retail games. It was over for me at this point and said Steam won and didn’t purchase another game intentionally but did pick up some older ones.

With it been over and Stream leading the future for PC Gaimg, Retail games for the PC are dead and that’s something else you can look at for the future of consoles. Soon or later the console will be just like Steam… What you think consoles are always going to have retail copy’s, think again look what Microsoft pulled with there Xbox one at E3 2013 and the always on internet connection. You know what they said for people that didn’t have a internet connection, go buy a Xbox 360 okay guest you guys can’t fight C4Eva and his awesome hacking skills. If you look at the consoles now with Free-to-play and it been essentially a PC what do you think is going to happen, there will be NO More retail games period, I don’t care what you say, maybe not now or four years from now but it will happen and when it do you’ll be more then glad you have all those PS3 games laying there waiting for you to play them.

Now that is update turned into a whole other post, here’s a quote from The Guru of 3D about Ubisoft locking 30fps:

“So what the hell happened with watch dogs?” u/Egg_Slicer

During the presentation, the Online Programmer said that just before they release a game, they have to send a copy to console manufacturers, which then tell them what to keep and what to throw away (sooo yeah Watch Dogs maybe ?).

30fps vs 60fps? everyone

The Game Architect said that they aim for 60 fps but due to “limitations”, they have to settle for 30 fps in recent games. He then implied that console makers are pressuring them into doing the same thing on PC.

You should ask them if they get any say in what the PR people are telling us.

They don’t. Clearly the two engineers were no peasants, but they were asked questions they could not answer. He only implied that there were hardware limitations all over the place. And his wink when he told me that 24fps was all we needed confirmed that.

Do people who work for Ubisoft have mobility? Can they work abroad if they want or change their career path? (question from a classmate)

Yes, engineers can become managers and vice-versa, they can also fill openings in other studios, or change teams.

There you have it again PC Gaming is no more then a platform to develop games for consoles in mind, leaving people like us with stupid console ports and I believe we had enough of that last year with title’s like Dark Souls and many more, but for what it worth honestly you can Thank those stupid fucking consoles once again. Just when you think your finished there’s more apparently Ubisoft is removing 30fps lock for The Crew on PC what is there to be said, just remove all future locks on any games been developed for the PC easy as that right. Bethesda also fixes The Evil Within 30FPS and Black bar issues its safe to say that PC Gamers can make a differences when it comes to gaming on the PC, Long Live The PC!!