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Fired up the PC today only to be disappointed, jumped on Maximum PC’s website to download their podcast only to fine out that it’s Gordon’s last Podcast and more than likely the 2014 Holiday issue is probably his last too.

It’s not going to be the same listening to their Podcast anymore, I use to love listening to Gordon rant about crappy Laptops, Tables and Smart Phones. Not to mention stupid Mac/Apple products, it’s like Gordon was on the same page as me, everything he said had a meaning to it and made more sense when you thought about really hard. There wasn’t a time that I didn’t want to read something from the Magazine that Gordon wrote, I use to get excited just knowing that Gordon wrote the article.

Here’s a few comments that I found so true “The Magazine Lost their Soul” “Always loved his perspective on the podcast!” “I never comment on any articles ever, but when I read this I was a bit heartbroken to know that such a great thing has come to an end.” “The relationship between writer and reader is a strange one indeed. I have never met Gordon Mah Ung, probably never will, yet his departure from Maximum PC after so many years leaves me with an odd sense of personal loss. Sad to see you go Gordon, because for a stranger, well, you’ve been a pretty good friend.”

These are just a few, but has of now Gordon already found a home at PCWorld Meet Gordon Mah Ung, PCWorld’s new hardware guru. There’s comments listed below and the last one of course is Gordon himself letting his fans know there could still possibly be a rant, “It’s possible we could do it here.”

Nevertheless he’ll be missed at Maximum PC and even more on the Podcast, I’ll be enjoying the last two issues and Podcast then the time comes, for the podcast you can watch that for yourself if you like, or not I don’t care because I’m going to. Long Live The PC – Post-PC Apocalypses Okay 🙄


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