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Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat

Well as long as it took me to finish the Challenge Tower in Mortal Kombat it was worth it. It’s that feeling you get, you know when completing something you set out to do, no matter what it takes. Mortal Kombat as been out awhile for the PS3 and PC but with the up coming Mortal Kombat X the Challenge Tower had to finished, sad thing is that there will be no Challenge Tower in Mortal Kombat X. Although many people did finish the Challenge Tower and the true MK fans like myself, there’s no reason not to have it in up coming Mortal Kombat X game.

Even though some people found it difficult and with reports saying that there was very little percent of people that finished it, still ant the cause of not having it in Mortal Kombat X. Yes it took awhile but as that was put on the back burner, I was kicking ass with Princess Kitana. When playing the story mode I knew right then and there that I was going to conquer Princess Kitana and that’s just what I did. Pulling off 10-13 hit combos is what your going to need for the last fight on the Challenge Tower and there was no problem doing so with Princess Kitana. Kenshi was the guy I was first thinking about, but with just a few hours training I knew there wasn’t going to be a chance in hell.

So what better way to finish the Challenge tower, use you favorite character. First fight was with Goro second Kintaro third Mileena and last of course had to be Shao Kahn, found Mileena to be the trickiest with her teleporting from above. Crazy when you think about it… Mileena been the hardest right.

When fighting Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn all I had to do was wait for one of them to start one of those power hits jump behind and land a 13 Hit Kombo and watch them go crazy after recovering from the ground. Using Princess Kitana’s teleport from one side of the screen to the other then throwing her fan blades worked flawlessly, followed up by 10-13 Hit Kombo. Trying this with a character without teleporting is going to be very difficult.

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Now with the Challenge Tower complete there are a few more thing’s to do, like perform all finishing moves, X-Rays, forward + back throws, and fight with Cyrax and Sektor in the Arcade ladder. Finally tried online and the first person I fought was Princess Kitana Vs. Princess Kitana he kicked my ass all over the screen because of lag. Not the best playing online really bad latency and on top of it all the MK server are under maintenance so that wound be the cause, guest their getting ready for Mortal Kombat X.

Nevertheless it was really enjoying to finish something that was hanging around for a few years. Sad part about all of this is that Mortal Kombat X is probably going to be the last MK title I’ll every buy, well if you don’t already know the PS3 console is the last console I’ll every own, sure you can get it on the PC but it’s not the same, it’s made with consoles in mind.

When I have a little time I’ll add the PDF document’s I created that are pretty cool with all the combos for Princess Kitana and Kenshi to this post, when, I can’t tell you, but it’ll be worth it. I also include the Strategy Guide not that it’s going to help especially when there’s typos, but it’s something to work with, not that it help me with Princess Kitana because I had her conquered by the time I received Strategy Guide in the mail.

Now to play with Mileena’s new costume and feel good about completing Mortal Kombat (2011).

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Now that everything’s organized and up to speed here are those PDF Strategy Guides that was promised. Princess Kitana was a really nice change considering Liu Kang was the chosen one for just about ever title, not this time around. When it comes to Kenshi, he was the second guy in Mortal Kombat Deception that was really liked and was extremely glad when he came in the form of DLC, negatived part about Kenshi is that there’s no Stats to keep track of witch sucks! There are also some General Tips and Secrets that’s included if anyone’s interested followed by the full Prima’s Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide. Warning there are lots of types in this Strategy Guide and you can thank Prima’s for that one.


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