Crysis 3 The Story is Finally Complete

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Crysis 3

When Crysis first launched back in 2007 it was the most talk about game because of the demanding hardware it took to play it, people would say and yet to this day Can it Play Crysis. It took about two years latter for me to play the game at it’s Max Settings using a single graphics card, at least that’s the way it turned out for me and it was kind of better running in DirectX 10 then DirectX 9.

Crysis 2 didn’t have that feeling as much as Crysis did, but with the process in graphics technology leaping so far and consoles becoming first, I was able to run it at a playable frame rate. Don’t get me wrong though it was a really wonderful game to play and anyone interested in the story would have no choice but play it on the PC. At the time there was no other way to play Crysis until it launch for the consoles in 2011.

With Crysis 3 I had very low expectation that is was going to play like Crysis 2, apparently it felt like the first one, demanding and absolutely glorious. It’s was nice to see this years Dream Machine slow down to a crawl, not every level was demanding like The Dam witch was my Favorited level. When first exiting the cave and looking left a little at the dam, I was getting no more then 20fps if that more or less. Was it the entire map no. just at the beginning and in some other places depending on how much you could get on screen.

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There was a moment where I just paused and looked down at the computer I built this year and said this is what it was like to enjoy something back in the days, where every last bit of performance the machine had to offer couldn’t offer anymore. Slightly fell in love with my machine all over again, even though knowing that the rest of the games I have to play ant going to give me that feeling.

So that’s what Crysis 3 gave me, but with the game been $49.99 cents on Origin I had to purchase it in Retail form, saving myself $20.00 dollars give or take.  There are only five hours of game play that was reported before launch, from the developers and could be less if your one of those speed runners.

Personally I got about ten hours, yes took my dead time looking for all the collectables and level ups for the Nanosuit and mainly killing in stealth mode with the bow. The main reason I wanted to write this post was to tell you and keep a little note for future look backs, was the very ending when Prophet woke up and walked outside, this looks familiar, yes it does because it’s from the very first game Crysis where it all began and when he starts to walk away and cloaks himself the dock becomes more familiar verifying that it was one of the levels in the first Crysis. Leaving me with a smile and feeling happy knowing the story is over after six years latter.

Nevertheless I’ll take a trip down memory lane one day and unlock the rest of the Nanosuit upgrades until then the series is complete. Up next Meto 2033, enough with stealth I want shoot em up, guns blasting or maybe Red Faction Armageddon, either way I done with Stealth for awhile.


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