Keep Your Shit Clean!

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Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance

Keep Your Work Organized

Easily said then done, when your working with so many different programs

The title pretty much says it all when you’ve been sitting in front of a screen for countless days and nights trying to clean the mess you wish you never had or created. Keep your fucing shit clean simple as that right, of course that’s virtually impossibly when dealing with Wordperfect docs that wasn’t looked at when you were done saving it. Yeah look is what I’ll definitely be doing for everything that lands on the Portable flash drive.

Never will I again keep such shit laying around on the Portable flash drive, there was service packs, drivers, notes from this years Dream Machine… I mean last year that is and a crap load of fucked up Wordperfect docs that looked like it was created by a idiot that had no clue what he was doing, Me!

So the awful nightmare began with a folder called Zero Temp, yeah Zero my ass, started with that folder and ended up running in the PowerUser Tutorials and realized that not only were they extremely huge in size but just all fucked up like a pill popping, eye rolling drunk, they all had to be fixed.

Images not centered neither were they Preserve width and height ratio etc. After spending days and countless hours going through each one something was noticed with Wordperfect and the way it handles image files in the documents and couldn’t understand until I did some digging. Apparently other people had the same problem were they where using JPEG or for that matter any of the following format GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP. When doing PowerUser Tutorials I would usually use Greenshot to capture the image that was needed and just copy and paste it in the Wordperfect document, Pressing Ctrl + S and Alt + F4 to exit not looking at the size of the document.

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Some people were using scripts to hall the image into the document and others had to take a picture of a picture just to reduces the file size of the document. So the mission began to fine the best possible file format aka JPEG GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP. Here’s what I did first with Greenshot, captured a image using all available options and copy and pasted them in Wordperfect without resizing them.

I also found that when resizing them with IrfanView the compression wasn’t what I was getting with say Microsoft Paint, even though when increasing the compressing using IrfanView it still was huge. Resizing the image worked but viewing it in SumatraPDF at 150% zoom the image looked distorted and trying to keep that in mind when adding the image to the documents were difficult.

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As you can see in table results GIF was the lowest one of them all, while PNG TIFF and BMP stayed the same, why I have no idea. For JPEG it was the worst even though I left the compression at 100% it didn’t matter, it’s like JPEG was the worst one of all, using a JPEG image in the document would look like it’s a driver or some other huge application that needs about five minutes to install and about three service packs to boot, it’s not going to happen.

Wordperfect loves GIF format more then another one, using GIF format you can add more than two PNG of JPEG images keeping it a light file size. Sure GIF is used for simple drawings with low quality but it looks just as good as JPEG when been used in a Wordperfect document. Now that I figured out the best possible file type to use when creating PowerUser Tutorials it was time to start cleaning them and that means hundreds of them.

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Just when you thought it was over the nightmare couldn’t get any worst, open Spacesniffer to witness Zip files with drivers in them over 1GB in size OMG! A few weeks ago when reading the Maximum PC Magazine Alex that writes little tutorials for the magazine said it shouldn’t take 15 minutes to fine a damn file, and said the same because I was in the middle of cleaning the portable drive and couldn’t stop laughing, in other words keep your fucking shit clean.

Why do I have 10TB of storage if this crap is going to laying around on the Portable drive seriously though. When doing the weekly and monthly backups I was backing up something that wasn’t needed multiple times and for what when it could’ve been stored on the NAS/Server, Stupid!

Also programs like Microsoft Excel Viewer and Powerpoint Viewer another 100MB of space and time backing up, I keep applications like this on the NAS/Server were it makes sense but when it was hanging out in the Admin Starter Tool kit what I like to call it, were all the cool tips, notes, tutorials, books, reg file, batch files and programs that were used for Windows XP, it was time to take them off and just leave the rest there. Besides me freeing up 100MB+ with Wordperfect documents followed by drivers from last years Dream Machine I managed to free about 2.2GB’s of junk and unwanted shit that could’ve been stored on the NAS/Server. Plus there was more cleaning on the NAS/Server something that got cleaned a few months before. Here are few tips to keep in mind, don’t just throw images or files with names with under scores and a sentence to read, Press F2 and rename the damn thing. When using images in a project or something you know you might need in the future years to come, but yet not sure, store it in the cloud and that’s just what I began to do, especially when you have 25GB’s of free storage compliments of SkyDrive. Zip the bitch up and store it some were deep in the middle of the night in a folder called Archive.

One of the New Years Resolution besides not doing anything else but finish the unfinished work that’s laying around and go outwith a bang with Windows 7 before jumping on the Windows 10 bandwagon is to keep the Portable flash drive under 4GB’s and stop Fucking cursing, easy said then done but it’s going to happen. So for now Keep Your Shit Clean and Organize.


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