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WordPress Annual Report

Phoney’s New Attitude Get’s a Annual Report 😉

Nope it’s not a Annual Report on the Attitude and if that was even the case, this blog would be on top!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for Phoney’s blog. WordPress prepared and emailed a 2014 in Blogging Annual Report for many bloggers. Annual Reports weren’t sent automatically to all users. You had to publish at least one post for the year and get over five-hundred views in 2014 in order to generate a report. Even though I didn’t know about the WordPress’s Annual Report it’s still going to get a post along with the yearly rundown for the future hardware and blog projects to come for 2015.

I’m going to start off with the blog post’s followed by the future gear and projects. Trying to fine a place in the blogging community can be more complicated then you think, there are many great writes with a lot of experience and most of them have thousands of followers. How do you compete with such writers that have so many followers and keep up with demand by writing articles to feel those readers.

Have to admit it can be a little challenging, especially when your trying to keep things inline and organize. This year I’ll be trying something a little different with the blog. Posting articles will be the first thing to come, mainly PowerUser Tutorials or Guides to questions that get asked all the time. This way generating traffic for the blog will be a little easier, I would usually leave a little link to this blog along with Twitter and managed to give it a heartbeat. So I said to myself leaving comments on News articles this year was out the question.

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Not only are there going to be PowerUser Tutorials but ones that will be kept update as time goes on. There will also be a Features Page getting created to link those PowerUser Tutorials, that’s of course if there is even away with the Theme been locked down because of will money.

A lot of time was spend in organizing the Categories and Tags for each post, followed by fixing the distorted images that were not displaying correctly, witch were all of them. Setup Google Drive to handle all images for WordPress articles, there’s keeping WordPress Media clean and just having it for Pages and Widgets, basically things that don’t get changed often. Keeping things Organize clearly is a high priority for me.

Now that you know what to expect for the rest of 2015 there is a little more mention. Recently was talking to the younger bother about him posting a little writeup on the Let’s Plays he’s been doing, have to admit it turned out better than I thought. Don’t expect anything over the top as it’s no more then him playing Triple-AAA and Indie interesting games. Will it happen probably not, but hey at least I gave him a shot to do something else different and already gave him advice on a few things that helped him out, for one Twitter, now he has over Three Hundred followers.

PowerUser and Software Tutorials are just one of many things I have planed for this year, there will be Windows Tutorials along with a Page to go that also. It’s not going to be How to Open the Control Panel, Tutorials are reminders if you like on things that matter the most to me personally. The goal is one hundred, as of now there’s seventy, so when it hits the one hundred mark I’ll be uploading them to a wonderful place to handle PDF’s.

Hardware Raider is kinda low and was when the Dream Machine 2014 got build, honestly it’s a low priority at this point all but the storage. Every time you think you have enough, it always turns out to be more. The Server or in this case Network Attach Storage/Server is at it’s Quota, 10TB’s ant enough and with that Western Digital or Seagate are kinda on the list, HGST has a really low failure rate and was thinking about x2 6TB Enterprise Hard Disk Drives. Should be more than enough for the media I have on it now and future movies to come.

Then again Redbox as of now ended in Canada so did the idea of ripping Blu-ray’s because of were I live, the only place that still rents movies, I know of that didn’t give it up on the count of Redbox, takes about 90 minute to get there. This place only rent movies on DVD’s, Still the idea of ripping Blu-ray with Skysoft CloneBD can still happen with the little collection in the living room.

Ever since I gave up on blogger two years ago, hardware has been pretty low on the raider and the bullshit filtered at 90% cent, caring about PC Cases, All-in liquid coolers, Heatsinks, Ram or Power Supply Units are not any interest to me anymore. It’s because when you studied so much over the years and stayed consistent as it came out, you’ll always keep hearing the same specifications. Simple definitions and charts can make everything that much easier, it’s the operation system that matters the most now, hardware at the moment is on the back burner.

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Storage for the Network Attach Storage/Server (NAS) ant the only system in the house that needs additional storage. The PlayStation 3, yeah more storage internal and external, one for the upgrade and the other for backup. They’ll have to be equal one to restore the backup image to the newly Hard Disk Drive, no big deal. Having a backup of all your PlayStation 3 games can be extremely useful.

I’ll just end up just ordering one for the Network Attach Storage/Server before jumping with x2, to make sure there ant any problems. Now comes peripherals new Keyboard, mouse and headset, all peripherals will come from the same company Roccat, Yes I love German hardware and can’t wait for Q3 this year so Roccat can launch their new Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB base off the Ryos TKL Pro. Headphones was really simple Roccat Kave XTD Stereo – Premium Stereo Gaming Headset, Not the hated USB headphones. Last but not least the mouse, thinking about Kone Pure Series but didn’t really makeup my mind on what one to go with yet.

Screens has been on the Raider for way to long, seriously way to long and it’s hard to fine something decent. The two Acer V223w sitting on the desk in front of me are okay but the off access viewing from top to bottom gets really annoying and fast when looking at specific colors, it’s bad. The only other piece of hardware on the raider besides the ones mention above would be Intel’s NUC NUC5i7RYH and the Raspberry Pi 2 for game emulates, plus with the recent news of it been able to run Windows 10, what more could you ask for really!

Since this is kinda the yearly rundown PC Gaming Decision for 2015 has been pretty much covered, but I’ll touch bases right quick. The PlayStation Vita is no where on the raider this year, there’s still PlayStation 3 games sealed waiting to be installed when the new Hard Disk Drives arrive. There’s more then a enough time to get this device and more than likely at the end it’ll be hacked. Websites are just about the same from 2014 expect for PC Gamer and Joystiq that gotta a new home As of February 4th, that will live on as Joystiq X Engadget. The feed got removed two weeks latter and still don’t know why they decided to make this move, Joystiq got replaced with VG24/7. Their home page feels comfortable in table block mode layout, not like some other place’s I know cough PC Gamer, here the following websites I visit for the weekly news:

Fudzilla | Kitguru | The Guru of 3D | HardOCP | gHacks
PC Perspective Podcast | Maximum PC Podcast | VideoGamer | VG24/7

There are a few other things I would like to complete and that would be Upgrading and Repairing PC’s 21th Edition, as of now it’s a very low priority and with it been on the back burner at the moment it’ll be kinda hard to get that vibe back. Start from the beginning was hard enough, basically it would feel like your starting over and can’t really handle that now, especially with me trying to close the door on other shit that been dragging ass for way to fucking long. I’ll get there one day and when I do it’ll be the last hardware book I read, sure it’s okay to purchase newer ones for the collection and it’s always nice to have it just at your finger tips for quick reference.

Like it was stated above, I know enough about hardware and this time it’s all about the operating system. Also like to point out that Windows 7 Inside Out Deluxe Edition will also be the last operating system book I purchase.

So there you have it WordPress projects, future hardware, gaming decision and Projects are all on the table. It’s going to be a fairly decent year for me personally, looking back two years up to now is absolutely crazy and can’t believe it took me this long to clear all the fucking shit and people from around me. Hell I even have two projects that involves carpentry work that don’t consist of working on a house. Time to finish up the Far Cry 3 map I been working on since last year and record it before uploading, so if you enjoyed this article you many wanna drop a packet ever now and then, as there could be something new.


Finally can update this post after all the bullshit I went through the last two weeks, where the hell do I begin this followup or should I say outcome. Okay took me three days to decided what external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to purchase, first I was going to purchase it online from Newegg and said to myself fuck no worst idea ever. What if the external HDD is (DOA) then what deal with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) bullshit, nope sorry.

So went to Staples to be surprise they did have something worth while. Seagate was the runner up just because of the newer slim external HDD’s they launch last year, tell you the truth probably less then a year ago. Then kinda got thinking about the failure rate Seagate had and was also thinking about moving away from Seagate back to Western Digital, so with that I shifted to Western Digital.

Then money was on the radar, Seagate had a 1TB that was on sale for $74 dollars and the Western Digital 1TB was $84 dollars followed by the 2TB been $154.99 cents. Even though the Seagate 1TB HDD was cheaper, it only had a 2 Year Warranty and the Western Digital had a 3 Year Warranty. For $10 dollars more I would get the extra 1 Year Warranty making it a better purchase in the long run. When it comes to warranty I could care less but just wanted something a little more reliable knowing Yoshitoki Kago had a Seagate 3TB Backup Plus and it crapped out in no time. Having the same two external HDD’s connected to the Network Attach Storage/Server (NAS) kinda made me nerves about purchasing another Seagate External HDD, bad enough I have five internal HDD’s now.

HGST was noticed because of there really low failure rate but there wasn’t anything there that was catching the eye. Still thinking about the Enterprise Hard Disk Drives for the Network Attached Storage/Server (NAS) though. Mainly the HGST would run the Shared Documents and Software that gets monthly or quarterly backups to the Seagate 3TB Backup Plus and the other running media. Even though I’ll be getting x1 Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000 4TB for media and eventually another one if the first don’t fail in the first fours months of operation of course, but it will also free up x3 2TB HDD’s that’s been operating for three years.

By the time the other 4TB HDD reaches it’s Quota, the NAS will need a upgrade kit because of the lack of SATA ports the motherboard supports now, come on AMD, looking forward to their FM3 Socket and Chipset.

So ended up with the Western Digital 1TB Passport Ultra just because of the warranty, but there was something else that was bothering be and that was the driver western digital requests to function correctly with their software. As soon as you plug the external drive in, and if you have Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your devices enabled, it will download the driver automatically for you. Cool but what about it conflicting with the PlayStation 3 was the thoughts going through my mind, purchased it.

Works perfect after you format it using FAT32 Formatter because of the PlayStation 3 only recognizes FAT 32 File System, no big deal. So what I did after knowing it worked with the PlayStation 3 I decided to go for the 2TB model, but had only 14 days to do so. When I approached the shelf the 2TB model was on sale fuck yeah regular price $154.99 on sale $119.99 no problem thank you. Now I’m going to use this 2TB model in the living room with the Western Digital TV and use the old Western Digital 1TB model for my PlayStation 3 games, as a backup.

Next month after my birthday May 04 2015 will follow the Seagate 4TB NAS HDD along with one four months latter, in June I’ll purchase the 2.5″ inch internal HDD for the PlayStation 3 witch will be HGST Travelstar 7K1000 1TB HDD.

For the Raspberry Pi 2 it’s still on the list but with a low priority at this point, there’s new gear coming out for this small piece of hardware at a rate makes me want to have it all that more faster. I’ll have to wait and see when Q3 strolls around after Roccat Keyboard, Mouse and Headset. Now I found something else that was interesting when it came to the Intel’s NUC, not only do they have SFF devices but a Compute Stick, yeah it’s like Google Chromecast. The price of it should be way cheaper then Intel’s NUC, so there’s saving me more money, more money means less time in the fucking house.

I also promised Martin are buddy that runs Ghacks a donation, so if anyone’s like me and love playing with software you many wanna checkout Ghacks immediately. I couldn’t tell you how much software I played around with in the two years of reading articles from Ghacks, it’s amazing place if your a PowerUser. The community always have some forum of tips or suggestions to other programs, put it this way, you won’t be short of anything anytime soon!

Well that just about raps up everything accept for a the tutorials and gaming, well I can tell you this much, the Far Cry 3 Map that I been working on still ant finished and it will be the last fucking map I ever create for a very longtime to come. Managed to post some Tutorials but their scheduled to post automatically over the summer holidays. That’s another thing I like to point out, I will not be in the house at all this summer and if, I’ll be playing some awesome PC Game, everyone needs a break, your not a damn machine you know. Basically after Computex and E3 2015 that’s when it all begins, I’ll be out the hole finally on top for once, well room to breathe that is along with some projects that needs finishing, can’t wait for something different.

By that time I’ll be out the hole and the rest of the gear will be purchase by the end of Q3 2015. Time to play some Deus Ex Human Revolution something I didn’t have time for because all the fucking software, tutorials, magazines, news, movies, windows 10, house/financial shit etc. Catch you on the rebound. For once I get to see some forum of day light, never in my life will I go back in the dark.

Has a passion for computer hardware and dream’s of been a professional technician one day, fairly educated on the subject and opened minded. Programing maybe one of many interest, but are divided into what you call time. When he ant learning what’s new, he’s usually jamming out on electric guitar or playing some awesome PC Game.