Half-Life 2: Update mod coming to Steam

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Half-Life 2: Update Mod

Community Fan-made Mod ❤

What a Perfect time to revisit the Half-Life 2 Universe

A new mod for Half-Life 2, titled Half-Life 2: Update aims to improve on the original game released by Valve in 2004, is heading over to Steam. The Valve approved fan-made effort does what you would expect, it updates Half-Life 2, bringing better lighting, effects, textures and some bug fixes to the classic shooter.

This will be the final, finished version of Half-Life 2: Update which has been available outside of the Steam store for some time now. The project has been in the works since 2009, so this release has been on the way for quite some time. The mod’s original version added high dynamic lighting to the game but the group working on the project expanded and made improvements to all graphical features.

The team did have some financial help in the form of sponsorships from EVGA, Nvidia and Origin PC. The final version of the Half-Life 2: Update project features notes from the developers, detailing design, development and even the impact that Half-Life 2 had on the future of games at the time of its release. In addition to a number of graphical tweaks and stability additions, Half-Life 2: Update also includes new commentary from the community, sourced from interviews, analysis of the game and publisher Prima Games’ behind-the-scenes book Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar.

Mod developer Filip Victor says earlier versions of Half-Life 2: Update have been downloaded more than 250,000 times and that the mod has been in development for more than three years.

For a look at what’s new and improved in Half-Life 2: Update, check out the comparison videos above, also there are Videos available in 4K! Share them to spread the word! The mod itself is free, but requires a copy of Half-Life 2 to play. You can Join their new Official Steam Group and For a more in-depth look, check out the official game brochure.

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