Batman Arkham Knight

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Batman Arkham Night

Batman Arkham Knight Insider 😀

Super excited for this launch, now if I only had time to play Arkhan City and Origins

Computex 2015 is over and Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 is just around the conner June 16-18, I though it would be a excellent time to play catch up on some backlog videos. The first Batman game I ever Played happen years ago on the Super Nintendo, witch by the way was like watching a horrible 1960 horror film.

Then came Batman Arkham Asylum WTF! Yes the game at the time and still yet today was that amazing. Not going to cover what was awesome about the game you’ll have to fine that one out for yourself or just watch a Review, either way the Batman Arkham Asylum, Bioshock and S.T.A.L.K.E.R will always be with me.

Batman Arkham Knight will be one of the best games in the franchise and to kick things off I’ll be putting all the Insider videos together to watch in one comfortable place. Sure you can watch them on Youtube but it would be nice have them here as well, plus I like to mention the new Batman Arkham Knight Poster that’s going to be hanging on the wall one day if I can fine a frame for it. Oh and you many wanna checkout Nvidia’s incredible GameWorks effects for Batman Arkham Knight that’s of course if you own a Nvidia graphics card.

Arkham Insider is a new video series direct from Rocksteady Studios, bringing you exclusive new gameplay, developer insights and a look behind the scenes on the development of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Arkham Insider Episode 1: In the episode, we give you the low down on the new Dual Play gameplay feature, shed more light the narrative elements at play in Batman’s relationship with his allies, and bring you inside the studio as we celebrate another milestone in the development of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Arkham Insider Episode 2: In this episode, we bring you exclusive new gameplay of Dual Play Combat in Batman: Arkham Knight, as Batman and Nightwing team up to take on Penguin’s thugs. We also answer some questions from Arkham community super-fan CabooseXBL.

Arkham Insider Episode 3: This time, it’s personal. We unveil a brand new mini-trailer featuring the Arkham Knight, and go into deep detail on some of the game’s key characters. And as always, we answer your questions.

Arkham Insider Episode 4: A Batmobile Double-Bill. Check out brand new gameplay of Riddler’s intellectual assault on both Man and Machine, while Sefton Hill talks us through the awesome new features of Battle Mode on the show floor at MCM Comic Con. Stick around to the end for some exclusive new details as we answer the community.

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