Batman Arkham Knight Easter egg

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Batman Arkham Night

Batman: Arkham Knight date-related Easter egg 😡

Must be nice, to have a playable game on those stupid Consoles, while the PC Gamer gets Shit on

Honestly though, what did you think I was going to open this post with love in my eyes and shit in my pants. Well guest what I ant, pretty bad when you have news reports coming in that the game got ripped from store shelfs on the count of it been so buggy.

With hopes been So High for this title it only made things worst, hearing these kinds story’s only makes me hate the console fan-boys more. Don’t get me wrong I had my few share of consoles over the years, but C’mon did they really have to put it on the back burner in favor of those fucking consoles. Damn you I even purchase a really cool Batman: Arkham Knight poster and all.

Seriously though, do you really want to be reminded of the horrible event that forced Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to hall all copy’s of the game off the shelf because of the performance issues people were reporting, NO Thank You! maybe one day, but has of now it ant going to happen.

Nonetheless I’ll wait this one out or if your a console fan-boy and make love to the console like it was the first VHS Player with a porn tape suck in it, then yeah why not right. Still have hope and even more hearing that Nvidia was working on the game with Rocksteady Studios to iron out the buggy performance issues.

So for the time been you can checkout the Easter egg for yourself, here’s the Rundown without a quote and not to forget about the Easter egg in Batman: Arkham City that went undiscovered for Three Years.

A date-related Easter egg has been found in Batman: Arkham Knight. Spoilers, obviously, are below. Unlike Arkham City’s Calendar Man Achievement, this Easter can be found without playing the game on certain days of the month over the course of the year.

So, how do you go about finding this particular Easter egg? Change the clock on your PC or console to October 31, a couple of scenes will play out for you. This is only if you have captured Man-Bat by completing the Creature of the Night mission for Most Wanted.

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