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Iron Maiden Book of Souls

Iron Maiden’s New Music Video 🙂

It Takes Inspiration From Video Games and not from Ed Hunter

There is no possible way to open this article with saying fuck yeah, Iron Maiden hell yeah. This could be pretty much the last time I ever write or get excited over Iron Maiden ever again. Their one of my Favorite heavy metal bands on the plant… strike that out, the only heavy metal band on the plant. Remembering the days when you were a teen listen to Iron Maiden made you feel like hell was waiting for you just around the conner, but in this case it was Eddie waiting to for you! Iron Maidens Mascot stupid noobe.

Just go listen to some Katy Perry you ignorant little prick and smash the bear bottle up against the wall has she leaves the room all because she told you to turn down the music that’s been playing for the last four days.

Honesty though Iron Maiden has really come long ways, looking back at the days when they first it the stage and now just makes you wounder how did they do it. Keeping their fans happy that’s how they did it, not releasing shitty ass albums like most of them today.

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Fans can get the single or the album, The Book Of Souls on September 04, 2015 witch I recommended You do especially if your a true Iron Maiden Fan like myself. Digital download whatever right, kinda excited to walk into a store for the first time in along time an purchase hopefully not the last Iron Maiden album that’ll ever come out and listen to it immediately when entering the vehicle.

So all the weed smoking pothead punks, takeout your fathers old CD Player out the Attic, yes the old CD Player that still has a Tape deck combo and more than likely the one your mother bought you when you were five year old and dust it off because it’s time. Up The Irons!

The video for Iron Maiden’s new single (their first in five years) virtualizes the band’s mascot and has him battling his way through a bunch of scenes inspired by titles such as Mortal Kombat and Donkey Kong.

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