The Last Xbox 360

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The Console War is Over 🙂

The PC .vs Consoles has come to an end for me, noting wrong with a little extra cash

Its nice to be back in the digital world for once and I kinda mean that in a good way. I’ll try and tell this story without talking much about what happen, up to this point. With it been summer and all there’s always things to be doing around the house, work more or less, but not for me that was, not when you have punks running around everywhere. Kids with noting to do, so said what the hell, you pucks are going to mow the lawn this summer for some extra cash.

So with them mowing the lawn and been kids, loud ass mouths, I overheard them talking about stupid consoles and of course, had to get in on that shit. Not to mention the mount of times hearing Destiny and reading it in the head lines when flicking though the gaming news. Now when hearing Destiny I immediately think about the stripper me and girlfriend had dancing for us, Yes the girlfriend is that cool, isn’t yours?

The first person I asked goes by the name of Nickolas Robinson, he played hundreds of hours of you guested it Call of Fucking Duty. After a very long talk, I asked him would he be interested in buying a Xbox 360 considering his father knocked over the first one, with the game inside that lead him to purchase a new Call of Duty game, because the optical bay drive eat the disc, noting new coming from Microsoft right.

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Seemed like he was interested at first, but he was more worried about getting high! The asking price was $120 dollars or mow the lawn and just pay me $100 dollars, pretty good price even though it only came with one game, Gears of War 3. The only reason I purchase a new Xbox 360 after I modded the second one. Weeks went by just like Nickolas did with is loud ass car and said to myself first come first serve.

The next guy inline goes by the name of Ab yes that’s his name, weird but cool, he didn’t have much growing up, kinda like me and asked him with great interest. At this point I had a sale, but didn’t ask for mush this time $100 or mow the lawn and give me $80 same deal but lower, also it came with five digital games all under my account. He was trying for days to get the money from his mother and when we did, he showed up 11:00pm in the night with $80 dollars. I said to him “not until you mow the lawn.” back in the car he went for the extra money $100 total noting wrong with that or is it?

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When taking it out the box I noticed the Gears of War Xbox 3 Live Gold Membership Card and thought it would be a cool idea to blog about it. So here I’m looking at whats left, a Gears of War 3 Membership card with a price tag of $59.99. The full console sale just cover the online pass when you stop and think about it, damn no wonder I hate consoles and love the PC so much. For that price you could’ve easily purchase a good dozen of games from Steam, plus the price of Gears of War 3 was also the same $59.99 Canadian dollars.

In the end he love it and I was glad to get rid of it, believe me with all the hours spend playing the second and third game it was time to forget about it. The only console is my house whole now is the PlayStation 3 with over two hundred games and more to collect, it’ll be the last console I ever have interest in. The future is Steam and who knows, I might be in the living room with a Steam Box steaming my games from The Lab, Long Live The PC!

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