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Probably The Worst Company in History 😈

Jesus sounds like ASUS in Spanish and a Donkey in Switzerland German, ASUS can be called a Donkey’s Ass

Turns out ASUS has a name that sounds like Jesus and probably more depending upon what language you know, personal I can tell you this much, ASUS ant no fucking saint or God for that matter.

It all began with Dream Machine 2014 and the USB ports disconnecting and reconnecting. Wait one moment, it began the first time I ever owned a ASUS product, witch was in 2006 when the motherboard would hang almost a minute before completely booting. It was ASUS P4S800D-X a ugly looking motherboard and something I could case less about at the time because the one before, ASRock motherboards wait one moment again isn’t ASRock a knock off of ASUS, Yes that’s right!.

ASRock may of been a knock off of ASUS back then and as of now ant anymore, guess that’s why the NAS\Server is still running. What went down for the ASUS Maximus VII Hero motherboard when I first got it, was the USB disconnecting and reconnecting and thought it was insignificant power been deliver to USB ports. This happened once every often and could be replicated so easily.

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Until one day just before E3 2015 when summer was about to began it happened, I completely lost it, literally lost it. Ten years messing around with PC’s aka Machines and to only hate them has mush has it did when it took place.

ASUS caused over a decade all relationship to almost end on the cause of me losing what I love doing, been a machine head and pure PowerUser that most of you wouldn’t hold shit to, honestly I would burn this vessel up to prove you wrong along with me eating your soul in the progress.

ASUS has of now is probably one of the most hated company’s on the face of the plant, can’t stress that enough without sending them a personal threat. So me running around with a bunch of kids this summer kinda eased the pain but with doubt, just making things worst between me and the girlfriend.

After me getting around the full shit storm that took place this summer, I finally broke down and phoned ASUS tech support. Knowing warranty was over with Newegg and the only way to get a replacement motherboard was contacting ASUS, something I wish again didn’t take place. After calling the USA and a $40 dollar long-distant phone bill not to mention the RMA shipping, I finally got the motherboard, but it wasn’t for long.

Disconnected everything from the Cooler Master Cosmos II case along with me taking two breaking and smoking three cigarettes, to just get it from one side of the house to the other, on the account of it been 50lbs sarcasm clearly. Popped out the motherboard and once again had to fight with Corsair’s H100i liquid cooler of it been right in the way of things, note get yourself a real liquid cooling setup then this wanna be, trust me.

After everything was out the way and removed the motherboard from the Chassis aka the stand offs, I took it back in The Lab to remove the Central Processing Until (CPU) plus Corsair’s awful back plate it was time to put the protected cap back on the old motherboard. He’s were the stupidly came in play form ASUS and can’t really be all my fault.

With that much stress and to just give you example: I was going to take on a full family having a picnic just because of the spot, it was my place to think about things and I was willing to fight for it all. There was of course the granddaddy and mother with three kids and the parents, yes the father was a bigger guy, it didn’t matter.

Drove by the first time and they were getting ready for their family picnic, said to myself love how you get to enjoy your summer while I feel like my life is falling apart. Turned around went back and it began, rolled up with the music blasting like always, got out the vehicle and the first thing I said was that’s My Spot get out of it, he did hear me and had the nerve to tell me to turn down the music. Yes it was D12 nasty shit did I care NO and said once again that’s my spot get the fuck out of it and fuck right off outta my town. At this point I thought it was going to be all out, not even the Father wanted to do anything about it. Guess I was really fucked up at the time, I want to get punched in the damn face and even when I tried they still looked like they were looking at the devil from hell, I was going to kill someone at this point, so much that I though Jesus wouldn’t be able to save me.

Waited a little then moved in, I didn’t even wait for them to clean off the table I throw my seat down on the picnic table all while he was still cleaning it off. My spot bitch and I was willing to fuck this person up more than a $20 whole on a Saturday night. At the end they left without a fight or word, I felt extremely bad after along with unbelievable shaking. This is how ASUS made me feel and act because of their good for noting hardware and tech support they have going. Acting like this just caused more anxiety in the long run making the chest feel like I had the power of a dozen guys and reflects like a spider… fast. I didn’t try it, but I was pretty sure I could catch fly’s with my mouth.

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The replacement motherboard had the protected CPU cap in the LGA Socket and the one purchase from Newegg had it over the LGA Socket, the way it has all been standard among the industry. I don’t know what made me put the Standard protected CPU plastic on the inside… wait because I just seen it on the RMA motherboard fucking ASUS and my stupidly for ever giving ASUS hundreds of chances.

Broke down once again, fuck this shit I’m outta here, back outside with a bunch of punks until stuff felt better. Then came the retaliation on ASUS someone that don’t have a chance to counterattack because of their weak defiance.

First up was the Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H motherboard, decide to go for the Black Edition but ended up with this one. Everything was great for the few days of testing and once I knew it was okay to start messing around with Base Clocks and Voltages there was some weird readings on the core. It wasn’t dialing back Intel’s Core i7 4790K Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 from 4.4Ghz to 4.0Ghz rated operating frequency.

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Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads, automatically allowing processor cores to run faster than the rated operating frequency if they’re operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits. Whether the processor enters into Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and the amount of time the processor spends in that state depends on the workload and operating environment.

So here’s the Rundown with a quote, on what happened with the Z97X-UD5H motherboard:

Intel Core i7 4790K Processor in rated for 4.00Ghz, with Turbo mode enabled it would overclock it to 4.4GHz from its default clock speed. So here’s the problem I’m having with this motherboard, a replacement mobo for ASUS Maximus VII Hero that no longer works correctly.

Why isn’t it dialing back the Turbo Mode witch is 4.4GHz to default clock speeds 4.0GHz?

Can’t run OCCT not alone Prime95 without it peeking 90c-100c under full load cooler is Corsair H100i any help would be appreciated. Also like to point out voltage reading from within the UEFI-BIOS ROM seems ratter weird if you were to ask me, using F10 BIOS.

Tried disabling all C stats, EIST and Turbo. The only time it seems to work correctly is when I disable Turbo all together, running OCCT would run for hours as soon as Turbo is enabled it hits extremely high temps. So again why isn’t it dialing back the default clock speeds when Turbo mode hits high temps.

This guy is having the same problem as you.

He never reply back to tell us if turning off the turbo would help. I myself would turn off turbo till they come up with a fix. One other thing you could try is email them and see if they will give you a bios to fix it.

I did notice you said you are at F10. I would have never update to the bios. Now if you want or needed to go back to a early bios you can’t. F10 or F9 are for the 5th gen CPU only.

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Rolling back the UEFI-BIOS Rom was the first thought, but knowing the chances of that could be slim to none. I can run OCCT for 59 minutes when Turbo Mode is disabled even though it’s designed has a artificial synthetic benchmark tool. Base clock timing is off by as few Hz reporting 99.76Mhz in CPU-Z. Tweaktown reported the same “set the BCLK to 100.00, you can also set it to 100.02 to get 100.00 MHz even.” Voltage readings are weird in the HD BIOS, Fans spin up differently when changing from Classic Mode to HD Mode even RPMs are changed. Andantech also reports text are clipped in the HD Mode something I have experience.

When in Classic Mode there’s no information about K OC when there’s plenty of room for it.
Intel IGP still left to enabled when there’s a Graphics card installed in PCIx Slot 1.

The motherboard seems to run great but these thing’s have me concerned.

I’ll be running the following benchmarks just to see if anything happens on the count of OCCT and Prime95 been Artificial Synthetic Benchmark Tools that present unrealistic loading that your CPU will never see.

Comprehensive Benchmarks
AIDA64 v5.50
PC Mark 7

Storage Benchmarks
AS SSD v1.8.5636.36856
CrystalDiskMark v5.0.2
HD Tune v5.60

Graphics Benchmarks
3D Mark 11
Unigine Heaven v4.0
Valley Benchmark v1.0

Don’t get wrong, I’m by no means (of dumb) and have no problem tweaking my baby, but if these things seems to be happening to more then one person, then I think it should be looked at by Gigabyte indefinitely.

Note: When Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) in enabled the Central Processor Unit (CPU) will dial back to what ever percent you enter I.e 10% witch is default in Windows 7 or 50% witch would be 2.xx Ghz base on the clock speed your operating at. Disabling this feature will BLOW UP! your Central Processor Unit (CPU) because Turbo Mode is NOT dialing back the clock speed. So with this bug that’s affecting not only me should be looked at ASPS. Setting it to 100% in the power options in the control panel/cmd it won’t dial back to 4.0GHz it’s always operating at 4.4GHz no matter what I do besides completely disabling the feature something I hate to do or for that matter live with.

What I did up to this event was not special, mount the Mainboard, Installed Windows 7 from a bootable Flash drive with all KB updates, along with the v1.2 drivers (No Gigabyte App Software), backed up F9 UEFI-BIOS Rom and loaded Newest F10 BIOS, Both switches were set to 1-1 BBIOS_LED was active just the way it was when I first got it (Made sure to load default Values exactly what the User’s Manual Said.) Never used any Third-party software I.e Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or EVGA PrecisionX Software. Wish I could say I’m a noob but a decade sitting in fort of a machine, I kinda know what I’m doing, but please anything on the subject again would be appreciated.

He’s something else F9 UEFI-BIOS Rom “This BIOS prohibits updating to earlier version BIOS” So much for rolling back the ROM.

Hardware Specs
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell 3.5GHz (Code named Haswell Devil’s Canyon)
COOLER: Corsair H100i Close-Loop Liquid Cooler
MOBO: GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H (v1.2) LGA 1150 (Code named Lynx Point) Z97 Chipset
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB
SSD: 1x Samsung 250 EVO
HDD: 3x WD Black WD2003FZEX 2TB Caviar Black
DVD: 2x Samsung SH-S223
PSU: Corsair AXi AX860i 860W 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos II
LCD Screen: 2x Acer V223W
KEYBOARD: Steelseries
MOUSE: Logitech G400S
GAMEPAD: Razer Onza TE
HEADSET: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset
SPEAKERS: Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

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The UEFI-BIOS Rom has a bug in the F8-F9-F10 versions that’s available on Gigabyte’s website. After searching for countless hours I found the problem to why the Turbo Boost Technology any dialing back because apparently there’s something up with the flashing procedure and wrong Voltage settings taking place causing the problem. Like it said this needs to be looked at As Soon As Possible (ASAP).

Tom’s Hardware
Tech Support Forum

Returning the motherboard because there in NO Support from these people, bad enough ASUS made me hate my machine and almost cause a decade all relationship to end on the count of what I love doing, but not like this, ASUS has really bad driver support and Gigabyte has really bad tech support along with BIOS flashing. Far has I could remember all I ever heard was bad flash, BIOS corrupted etc with gigabyte’s motherboards.

Tried everything, restoring the F9 backup, reloading defaults, tweaking voltages dealing with BSOD’s, repairing corrupted file system, searching with no help in site from gigabyte forums along with no North America forum, what was I thinking. Might have to fine something else that I don’t want AGAIN! because of the lack of support. No wounder Mobile killed the market look what we’re left with (….) Noting, gamers are keeping the market alive now that’s truly sad.

So if you disable Turbo mode everything works by what you are saying. I would just leave the turbo disable till they can come up with a fix. I had a friend that was using a EVGA Z77 board and the turbo didn’t run right in that board either. I understand that you are mad at ASUS and now Gigabyte. I understand that you want your board to 100% too. But if it is just Turbo mode that is giving you a problem. You can disable and everything is fine I would disable it till they fix it.

Plus I’m sorry if you didn’t get the help from the forum either. This is just a user to user. If no body is having that problem here that post here all the time you might not get the help you need. Sorry

Disabling Intel’s Tubro boost Technology ant really a fix. At this point once again there should be more support, has of now I’m kinda worried about the out of this motherboard and can’t take the chance of running into problems because of incorrect Voltages. Over All I’m sorry for trying something New, who knows five years from now I might just end up with one. Don’t get me wrong their Brix’s are looking pretty cool, so next time. I’ll get a MSI something I don’t want but well go with, if they were to say there’s a fix coming then I would wait, something I can’t do because of the 30 day return policy. On the plus side I get to write about this on my Blog Awesome something positive. Thanks for the help Dmdilks

Have you contacted Gigabyte Tech Support about this?

What Tech Support there is no number available just Tickets, I’ll be going with MSI Z97 MPOWER Max AC. The only differents besides it been more for overclock, something I have to problem with, is the SATA Express, a dead man walking if you were to ask me. PCI-E SSD’s and NGF M.2 are the future, so if can get me some sort of number that’s a 1-800 then sure I’ll be more then glad to give them a phone call.

Getting ready to write about my experience I had with the Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H motherboard on my blog, believe me is not going to be bad I really wish there was something else I could do to keep this Mainboard. Plus time is running out for me, has I didn’t really test the full motherboard ports slot etc so at this point if something ant in place by the end of this week it’ll be on its way back, nonetheless I really hope the problem gets fixed.

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What did you think it ended there, like the fuck it did, I could possibly have the worst luck on the face of the plant, seriously though here’s what happened next. Instead of losing it again and taking it out on a family having a picnic, this time I actually holed shit together. It was just nice to think about how bad are God can be no matter what you believe in. At this point, literally I’m still using the motherboard to write this article. Had extremely high hopes for MSI Z97 MPOWER Max AC, that all changed pretty fast, you know, after you were done getting the full rundown about the motherboard more or less studied the full in-outs of the board.

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Went to login Newegg and clicked on the MSI Z97 MPOWER Max AC motherboard only to be experiencing disappointment once again, the damn motherboard was out of stock and with it been no were in site WTF! can’t afford another keyboard so I couldn’t bang my head off the keyboard, bad enough I do that now with the other head if you know what I mean. 😉

All the effort that was put in this Dream Machine, there ant a God Damn thing that could happen now besides me dying, believe me it ant over that easy, this is what I do and will die doing what I love doing. Lucky enough the in-outs payed off because I’ll be going the MSI Z97A Gaming 7 motherboard the one that was on reserve. The only thing I hate about this motherboard is the Killer E2200 NIC would prefer Intel I218-V NIC over it. Plus side of things I get USB 3.1 not that it has any concern with me, better USB power delivery something that’s been a problem before, x10 USB ports wasn’t enough on the Maximus VII Hero, red and black theme with everything matching up nicely. Might actually turn out positive for once, I’ll be doing a followup on the experience I have with MSI Z97A Gaming 7, can’t get any worst and do like trying out new hardware, bring it on!

Has a passion for computer hardware and dream’s of been a professional technician one day, fairly educated on the subject and opened minded. Programing maybe one of many interest, but are divided into what you call time. When he ant learning what’s new, he’s usually jamming out on electric guitar or playing some awesome PC Game.