Hard Reset Redux

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Hard Reset Redux

Rebalanced Gameplay, New Enemies and Weapons 😀

I wanna replay this game over just for the Brand New Cyber-Katana Weapon

Hard Reset wasn’t the kind of game that should’ve got more attention then it first landed, can’t remember exactly when it came on the radar but when it did, it wasn’t long after it landed on the Future PC Games list.

There were some performance issues during game play but then again I wasn’t rocking what I have today. Even though the developer Flying Wild Hog is adding visuals upgrades you shouldn’t have no problem running the game. Wish there were more time something I have very little of these days when your trying to finish up the very last bit of work, I’ll get there one way or another. Until then checkout the spec list for new features coming to Hard Rest Redux.

Developer Flying Wild Hog released Hard Reset to moderate critical acclaim in the back end of 2011. The studio returning to its breakout FPS with Hard Reset Redux, updating the title for modern systems stupid consoles and of course the PC. Anyone interested in Hard Rest definitely needs to play Shadow Warrior.

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The world as we know it has ceased to exist, reads the game’s blurb. Surrounded by vast, hostile wastelands, the remnants of humankind’s dwindling population live within the closed city of Bezoar, but the walls have been breached As a CLN soldier, you are all that stands between the hive mind machines of The Sanctuary, and total extinction Just play the damn game.

Redux promises an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, plus new enemies and weaponry.

  • Enhanced Visuals: The game has been updated to the newest version of the RoadHog engine and includes improved lightning and effects
  • Improved Performance: Enjoy faster Load times, a new Quicksave feature and full joypad support
  • Brand New Cyber-Katana Weapon: A powerful new weapon which provides an effective close range combat option
  • Brand New Enemy Type: Various variants of a threatening new Cyborg Zombie now lie in wait for unsuspecting players
  • New Quick Dash Move: Provides players with a new movement option in battle to help avoid incoming attacks and enemies
  • Rebalanced Gameplay: The game now includes improved difficulty levels and better pacing
    Different Enemy Placement: Enemies are introduced differently throughout the game, and provide a new challenge for even the most seasoned Hard Reset veteran

A fact sheet released by the publisher also indicates Redux will include the Exile expansion content from 2012.

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