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PC Gaming
PC Gaming

Now that I’m completely done with the shitty ass consoles, I have all the time in the world to focus on PC Gaming, instead of listing them like I use to, I’ll just let you download the PDF file for yourself. You can also view them in the browser using Box’s app, checkout the Steam Wishlist to see what’s in store.

In the Future PC Games you’ll see TBA that mean’s Time Be Announce and for the record they ant on the list for noting, meaning there coming soon!

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Since were on the topic about gaming there’s one thing you should know and that’s about the consoles. Lets start by saying sure there okay especially when your sitting in front of a machine all day and just want to relax in the living room. Who the hell wants to purchase a game at $70, certainly not me when you can get awesome deals on Steam, Good Old Games, Humble Bundle and many other great places.

At the end of the day I guest it’s okay for the person that can’t keep up with the Raw Power of a Computer or kids that have mommy and daddy’s that buy the console to babysit there basters because their that ignorant to even spend quality time with them.

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Plus who the hell wants to listen to a bunch of kids and teens crying in the mic again certainly not me. That’s another thing that comes to mind, it’s all about day one DLC, Season passes and so much more other bullshit loops you have to jump through to get the full game these days.

Really does it look like I have $8000 to spend on a stupid ass ten year old console no I don’t. Do I own a console sure PlayStation 3 but it’s the last console I’ll ever own, lets just say I’ll be going out with a bang and the next thing inline will be a arcade system I’ll be building from the ground up myself.

Of course not until I finish playing everything on the PC witch is going to be for awhile. So douche bag console fan-boys have fun with your decade old piece of shit, hell by then I’ll have like three systems upgraded and it still wouldn’t cost me as much as a console did long Live the PC!

The PlayStation 3 is the Last Console I’ll ever own, it’s just to much money when it comes to the Ultimate Power of the PC and Steam with so many great sales.