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Greetings too all new members and from the steam group called Yoshitoki Kago’s Egglings! A group of people who come together to play games and have fun! The group is made and based behind the Yoshitoki Kago’s YouTube Channel to provide some things back to the viewers.

So we will get down to business to what this group does, if anyone is looking for someone who is playing a certain game, they will most likely be in this group. Also at the same time, we recommend helping out each other in need and expanding this group to it’s full potential. So in other words, we are asking for you guys, the Egglings. To invite friends or even strangers if you guys want into the group. Also don’t forget that this group is still going by it’s bases from before. There will be monthly Giveaways around the 20th of each month plus a little extra.

Me and Yoshitoki Kago playing Portal 2

Let’s Play, is what every YouTube gamer seems to call it, like watching people play games or to fine that hidden secret checkout me and Yoshitoki Kago getting are gaming fix on. We usually get together when we can, and when we do, we don’t stop recoding or playing the game until it’s finished. Wanna play a game together join our Steam Group comment and request it’s that easy, that’s of course if we have the game. Nevertheless don’t forget to Join, Comment, Subscribe and Follow us all at once.

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