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There’s noway that I can show you what software I have played with over the years and most of it today still get used. So for a total of 2100+ Bookmarks or Favorites whatever you want to call it, I’ll just let you download the HTML file.

Once you have downloaded the HTML file, in Mozilla Firefox use the shortcut Press Ctrl + Shift + B or click on the Bookmark menu icon in the Toolbar followed by Show All Bookmarks and click Import and Backup, then select Import Bookmarks from HTML.

Internet Explorer Press Alt + C click the drop down menu by Add to Favorites then Import and Export or click on the Favorites icon (the star icon) displays the bookmarks of the browser. Select the down arrow next to favorites on the page to display a context menu. Select Import and export, then Import your HTML file.

Google Chrome either open the Chrome Bookmark Manager directly chrome://bookmarks/, use the shortcut Press Ctrl + Shift + O or click on the menu icon in the Chrome address bar and select Bookmarks then Bookmark Manager from the context menu. To Import bookmarks, select Organize and Import your Bookmarks from the HTML file. Note you could save a copy of all your bookmarks to the local system the same way they were Imported.

Mozilla Firefox Library

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have build in a bookmark sync that keeps a copy of your bookmarks in the Cloud so you never lose them. Internet Explorer on the other hand don’t have such a feature included by default. Solution use Xmarks have been using for years and fine it way better then Firefox or Google Chrome’s bookmark sync.


Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, most of them came from Maximum PC’s CD/DVD that came with there magazines until they stopped. There’s along list of bookmarks here that everyone can enjoy and you never know, you might like more then you think. After you have the HTML file downloaded and Imported to your favorite browser, hover over the Top PC Applications folder, look for AM-Dead Link download and install it. Once you have it install and tweaked to likes, run the HTML File through AM-Dead Link to see if it detects any dead links.

Red colors could indicate more then it just been a dead link. There are websites that have DDoS attack in place, delaying the packets and making you think the link is dead, when in fact its checking to make sure your not overloading their website. DDoS service for websites are pretty common these days, like most websites there’s gonna be maintenance too, there’s leading you to thinking again that the website is out of commission. When there’s the color blue highlighting a link, it means the link is been forward it and also could mean that there’s some signup page overlaying the website continuing to making this happen.

If there are any dead links detected replace them with the correct ones or remove them all together. The secret to keeping your bookmark links from ever dying in the first place, is to replace them with a well known website. When checking hundreds of links at onetime using AM-Dead Link your gonna be vulnerable to attack from Malware.

The best recommendation would be Malwarebytes you get a free trial once you have installed it, like most commercial software these days. Runs continuously in the background, stopping infections before they happen. Scans automatically and halts attempted attacks. Stops sites that deliver malware or sites that are compromised by malware. So that’s the quick rundown of what it can do for you, after it finishes updating and you run the first Full System Scan, look under settings to make sure Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection is set to Enabled. If Malwarebytes do throw up its flags stop the check immediately to fine the source.

Starting with AM-DeadLink 4.7, it’s no longer possible to alter or delete bookmarks from browsers. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE OLDER VERSIONS OF AM-DEADLINK TO DELETE BOOKMARKS FROM BROWSERS!

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Managing your bookmarks can be a chore and keeping on top of the ever changing web is virtual impossibly. Using the bookmark manager in Mozilla Firefox can become rather annoying, but when compared to other bookmark managers available Microsoft Edge anyone it becomes very user friendly .

DeliciousXmarksGoogle Bookmarks

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Delicious was one of my favorite Bookmark backups before, but now Xmarks stands out more then every. What use to be liked about delicious was the fact that you could share Tags on websites and blogs so easily. Now that there website got updated it has gotten really hard, on top of it all, you can’t even delete all the bookmarks at once in one Tag, what a pain in the ass. Xmarks without a doubt has to the best Bookmark Sync for free.

They also charge a $12 Premium per year for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and of course those stupid Mac products, along with a better Backup and Restore plan allowing you to view, restore, or export past bookmark collections beyond the standard 3 month window.

Software Tutorials

Over the years there were a lot of work involving computer hardware and software but not as much as hardware. Sure it’s nice to know your computer but what is it good for, unless you take advantage of the raw performance the machine has to offer. Be sure to note that most of the software in theses tutorials are in the Bookmarks HTML file. It has well over 2000+ application’s available that still get used yet today, most of them came from Maximum PC’s magazine’s and my personal favorite Ghacks the best place for an in-depth rundown on software.

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There are a hell of a lot more places out there on the web that have great tutorials for operating systems, one of them been Seven Forums followed by The Windows Club and Tweaks all of these places are for PowerUsers and Administrators alike. In the PDF file there’s over hundreds of tutorials for you to discover, but like I said most of them came from Maximum PC’s website. There’s more software then you could ever use or for that matter, your system could ever handle. Don’t go crazy installing them unless you have some form of a system image created before hand, so enjoy and try not to install the bloatware that comes with some applications.

Phoney’s Favorite Websites

Since where on the topic about bookmarks here are a few website’s that I visit for the weekly news Tom’s Hardware one of the top place’s I get the news and really good coverage on hardware reviews. Fudzilla ant a bad place but are huge AMD fan boys, big time I mean it in a good way. HardOCP has to be the best place when it comes to mixing it up they seem to post hardware reviews from other place’s around the net and there own too, I think of it as a online Magazine because it never fails to make me laugh plus the community are great in case modding etc.

PC Perspective good place for weekly Podcast and what’s going on in the computer world. Maximum PC if your a fan of their magazine like myself, but not good has they were before, they also have a Podcast. PC Gamer by this I mean you been a PC Gamer and not a Douche Bag Console fan boy!

Some more worth mentioning so he goes Bit-Tech, DailyTech, Think Computers, The Register and X-bit labs I could just keep going on but don’t want to, I’ll just let you discover them for yourself. So with that said and done I leave you to it, Enjoy and don’t go crazy installing hundreds of programs, see how I still call them programs, because they are and not called apps, you don’t have a tablet, you have a PC. Long Live the PC ❗