PlayStation 3 Backup Utility
When will people learn that you can’t backup 320GB of data to a hard disk drive with a FAT32 file system. With a FAT32 File System you’ll only be able to have one partition that can hold 32GB’s of data, not including Digital Vs. Binary, that leaves you with uncounted space along with Cluster Size on the Hard disk drive.

How to Create Custom Jewel Covers with IrfanView
This was something I been meaning to do for awhile and finally got around to it. There are dozens of recovery disc laying around in The Lab with noway of identify them from each other, well that’s going to change with IrfanView.

Samsung’s Magician Rapid Mode
When benchmarking the eMachines EL1300 that was getting donated for a good cause, something was immediately noticed, it wasn’t hard to miss considering the bar in the chart was higher then any other one.